Trust Fall Activity For Team Building: A How-To Guide

A trust fall activity involves having team members fall backwards into the arms of other team members.

The benefits of team building activities are considerable. And, this activity is a common team building exercise used to build trust amongst team members and

Purpose of Trust Falls in Team Building

The purpose of trust fall activities is to build trust between team members.

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Trust is an essential element of effective teams.

Trust falls require participants to rely on others to catch them, which fosters vulnerability and brings the team closer together.

Successfully completing trust falls shows team members they can depend on each other.

Instructions for the Trust Fall Activity

  • Gather participants and have them stand in two lines facing each other about arm’s length apart.
  • Ask for a volunteer to stand with their back facing one of the lines. This person is the “faller.”
  • The faller crosses their arms over their chest and falls straight backwards into the arms of the line behind them. The line catches the faller and gently lowers them to the ground.
  • Each person takes turns being the faller and the catcher until everyone has a chance to experience both roles.


There is no cost associated with a basic trust fall activity. We hear this from customers that have ordered our full set of courses.

Resources Needed

  • Open space large enough to accommodate the lines of participants
  • Soft flooring like carpet or grass (for outdoor sessions)

Time Required

30-60 minutes depending on the size of the group

Number of Participants

8-20 people

Best Suited For

All team members including managers, employees, new hires, cross-functional teams, etc.

Role of the Facilitator

The facilitator explains the purpose and process of the activity. They select participants, oversee the activity, and lead the debrief discussion. The facilitator ensures physical and emotional safety.

Role of Participants

Participants actively listen to instructions and take turns falling and catching. They provide emotional support by cheering each other on.

Reflection Strategies

  • Group discussion
  • Journaling

Debrief Questions

  • How did it feel to fall backwards?
  • How did it feel to catch someone?
  • What did you learn about yourself? Your team?
  • How can you build more trust with your team?


Trust falls are an engaging and enlightening team bonding activity to foster trust.

With proper facilitation, preparation, and participation, trust falls create vulnerability that brings teams closer together.

Alternative training games and icebreakers include the chain message and the Paris, Rome, Or New Your icebreaker activity.