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A staple training course in business and entrepreneurial circles, a training course on change leadership skills allows leaders to bring their change programs to life.

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Change Leadership Skills Course.

Whether you’ve always been interested in delivering a course change leadership skills, or looking to take this courseware in a different direction, this change leadership skills course material will have an audience seeing change in a new way, instantly.

These Change Leadership Skills course materials will equip learners with the basics of managing change, formalizing a vision, getting the necessary participation, leading the change process, overcoming resistance, and effectively working with teams. And, through practical content, prepared exercises, and insight content learners will learn how to lead change.

The course material explores the critical steps in leading change and an eight-stage model of change.

This Change Leadership Skills course material begins by introducing practical change leadership skills. It then details what change is and the role of the new change leader. The course then discusses how to set a vision of change and build trust.


Learning Outcomes.

Understand change within the organization.

Identify the critical steps involved in leading change.

  • Obtaining participation.
  • Leading a change project.
  • Creating a vision.

Explore the eight steps involved in creating a change vision.

  • Formalizing the need for change.
  • Identifying issues and potential consequences
  • Choosing the appropriate vision.
  • Formalizing the vision.
  • Getting the necessary participation.
  • Leading the change process.
  • Working with teams.
  • Balancing power.


Topics Covered.

1. 20th Versus 21st Century Organizations

  • What is change.
  • Diagnosing the need for change.
  • How to check and monitor the need for change.
  • Understanding the need for change.
  • Re-balancing the equilibrium.
  • The challenges of change projects.
  • Driving and restraining forces.
  • Unfreezing, transitioning, and re-freezing.

2. The role of the new change leader

  • The skills and techniques needed to lead change management initiatives.
  • What is the need for change.
  • How to have a change vision.
  • How to approach, manage, lead and evaluate change.
  • Choosing an appropriate vision.
  • Building awareness.

3. The six steps involved in creating a change vision

  • How to create a vision for the organization.
  • How to formalize the need for change.
  • Identifying issues and potential consequences.
  • Developing alternative solutions.
  • Choosing the appropriate vision.
  • Knowing how to formalize the vision.

4. Six strategies for communicating a change vision

  • Education and communication.
  • Participation and involvement.
  • Facilitation and support.
  • Negotiation and agreement.
  • Manipulation and cooptation.
  • Implicit and explicit coercion.

5. The role of trust in change leadership situations

  • Key factors.


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