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Why Companies Need To Know About Organizational Behavior

Organizational behavior is the study of how people interact in organizational settings and within groups. The study of human behavior in organizations can appear like a complex and multifaceted area to study. However, studying organizational behavior will allow people to:

  • Chart the evolution of management thought
  • Understand the organizational factors that influence work
  • Understand how the work environment shape organizational performance

You can use this training content to help your learners better understand organizational behavior and become more productive in their organizational roles.

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Course Description

The study of human behavior in organizations delivers a vast array of learning opportunities for learners. And, one of the key benefits of better understanding organizational behavior is how learners can use this new knowledge and expertise to successfully tackle a variety of organizational productivity and interpersonal challenges at work.

Learners will receive expert guidance and insights into the nature of organizational behavior and gain a greater understanding of this pivotal business skill.

Designed to be accessible for all categories of employees, learners will also discover the relationship between behavior and an organization.

And, through engaging training content, discussion, and exercises, learners will explore the evolution of management thought. And, from the slide deck and learner manual, learners will discuss models of organizational behavior and what constitutes an excellent organization.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the relationship between behavior and the organization.
  • Understand the evolution of management thought.
  • Appreciate models of organizational behavior.
  • Identify and shape an excellent organization.

Course Overview

These are the 3 key sections of this training course.

1. What is organizational behavior?
At its simplest, organizational behavior relates to how people interact within groups.

In today’s ever-growing and changing world, being able to understand human behavior in organizations is an essential skill.

Of course, it can sometimes be challenging to reflect on the essentials of organizational behavior. However, the benefits of these skills are clear. In particular, increased awareness of human behavior in organizations can be used to make effective decisions on how businesses should operate.

The introductory section will:

  • Explore what is organizational behavior.
  • Discuss the evolution of management perspectives.

2. Models of organizational behavior
This section of the course will equip learners with a broad overview of key models of organizational behavior, introducing learners to a selection of key theories and approaches that will bolster their learning. In particular, the content will:

  • Explore fundamental organizational theories like scientific management, job simplification, and classical organizational theory.
  • Examine Fayol’s 14 principles and the Hawthorne studies.
  • Discuss human relations theory and McGregor’s Theory X And Y view on management styles.
  • Focus on systems and contingency perspectives on organizational behavior.

The content will also provide your audience with a strong introduction to leadership theories and the role of leadership in organizational behavior.

3. The Excellent Organization
The concept of “the excellent organization” is not new. In fact, it is largely associated with the landmark book from 1982 entitled In Search of Excellence by Tom Peters and Robert H. Waterman, Jr. Their research describes eight basic principles that made the organizations that they studied successful.

This section outlines the eight attributes of excellent organizations:

  1. A bias for action
  2. Stay close to the customer
  3. Autonomy and entrepreneurship
  4. Productivity through people
  5. Hands-on management
  6. Stick to the knitting
  7. Simple form and lean staff
  8. Both loosely and tightly organized

What You Get

With 3 self-contained modules instantly available and approximately 8 hours of hands-on training content, you can take your learners through the important aspects of this course.

Each lesson is concise, actionable, and on-point.

By the time you have worked through the content with your audience, you will have succeeded in achieving your goal of delivering your own training courses. And, the reason that we are so sure that this course will work for you, is that we have delivered this course ourselves as have so many of our customers around the world.

We’ve also included 61-page printable participant workbooks, a 37-slide customizable PowerPoint slide deck, and a 20-page instructor manual that makes everything really simple for you to deliver.

And, if that’s not enough you’ll also get training games and icebreakers, a course advertorial, 8 expert training guides, customizable exercises, and tests, and further reading lists.

So if you’re ready to start delivering your own training courses, and follow your dreams of training others at the same time, here’s how you can instantly download this training material today.

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How You Can Easily Present A Training Course On Organizational Behavior