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Audience: All types of employees.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to what a company does to manage all current and potential customer interactions.

You can use this CRM course material to explore the importance of customer relationships. The components of CRM. The various types of customers. And it details the different ways that an employee can affect CRM.

The course materials discuss the factors that can cause customer relationships to fail.

With 100+ slides, exercises and activities, it’s a complete learning solution to make customer interactions more profitable.

Your audience will learn about CRM fundamentals like strategy, data management and segmentation. Plus practical skills like establishing rapport, meeting needs and creating positive experiences.


Learning Outcomes.

At the end of this this CRM Course participants will:

  • Understand the importance of customer relationships.
  • Understand the components of CRM.
  • Be able to describe the factors that can cause customer relationships to fail.
  • Understand how you, as an employee, can affect CRM.
  • Be able to use the material presented to develop a customer-centred approach.
  • Understand various types of customers.
  • Be able to recognize potential impacts on business.


Topics Covered.

Here’s what is covered in this CRM skills training course:

1. Introduction to CRM (customer relationship management)

  • Basic principles and applications of CRM.
  • How CRM systems can be introduced within organizations.
  • How CRM is both a product and a process.
  • The most effective ways to deliver CRM systems.

2. What is customer service?

  • Why we need customers.
  • What customers want.
  • The concept of integration.

3. What is the impact of CRM on the organization.

  • What are the competencies required for an effective CRM process.

3. Customer perspectives

  • Perspectives on selling within CRM environments.
  • How CRM practice fits within companies.

4. Understanding a customer-focused solution

  • How to manage customers and CRM systems.
  • Quality management skills.
  • Standards and continuous improvement.
  • The relationship between the QCT link and CRM as a business process.
  • The impact of CRM failure on companies.


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CRM Course