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Attention: Corporate Trainers, Consultants, Coaches, Mentors, Entrepreneurs or any Business Manager that wants to present their own training courses. This is an amazing opportunity.

Transform your training courses and workshops now.

Lifetime access to the full bundle of training course material is limited – One payment for lifetime access, updates, and support.

Act fast before it’s gone.

This is a snap sale only available to the next 50 orders.

What do you get with the Oak Innovation Lifetime Access Offer?

  • Lifetime access to all training course materials.
  • Instant access to everything you need.
  • Automatic updates on all course materials.
  • 90% saving on regular prices.

Ready to Buy Lifetime Access to all our training course materials for an amazing price of $8.00 per course?

All the training course material you need to teach single-day courses.

Audience: All types of employees.

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    1. See why thousands of teams benefit from this Lifetime Access Offer. Your training courses and workshops will never be the same again.
  1. Why Should You Buy The Lifetime Access Offer?
  2. What Is This Lifetime Access Offer?
  3. Lifetime Access To This Offer Includes:
  4. Course Materials Included:
    1. Managing Complaints Course
    2. Group Dynamics Training
    3. Sales Training
    4. Change Management Skills
    5. Coaching And Mentoring Skills Course
    6. Strategic Management
    7. Strategic Leadership Skills
    8. Strategic Performance
    9. Performance Appraisal Training
    10. Competency Development
    11. Leadership Training Materials
    12. CRM Course
    13. Recruitment Training For Managers
    14. Work Organization Skills
    15. Fundamentals Of Human Resource Management
    16. 360 Degree Feedback
    17. Project Management Skills Training
    18. Strategic Decision Making Training
    19. Telesales Training
    20. Lifetime Access – Limited Time Offer
    21. Change Leadership Skills
    22. Marketing Course
    23. Business Basics Course
    24. Stress Management Training Course
    25. How To Reduce Absenteeism
    26. Social Skills Course
    27. Employee Motivation Training Course
    28. Job Analysis Skills Training Course
    29. Job Design Skills Course
    30. Training Needs Analysis Skills
    31. Customer Focus Skills Course
    32. Teamworking Course
    33. Conflict Resolution Course
    34. Negotiation Skills Course
    35. Business Excellence
    36. Interviewing Skills Training
    37. Delegation In Leadership
    38. Leadership Influence Training
    39. Management Skills For New Managers
    40. Organizational Behavior Training
    41. Corporate Culture Course
    42. Issues In An Organization
    43. Corporate Structure Course
    44. Advanced Presentation Skills
    45. Productivity Training
    46. Time Management Course
    47. Business Meetings Training
    48. Technical Report Writing Skills
    49. Facilitation Training
    50. Quality Management Training
    51. Performance Benchmarking
    52. Auditor Skills
    53. Problem Solving Course


See why thousands of teams benefit from this Lifetime Access Offer. Your training courses and workshops will never be the same again.


Why Should You Buy The Lifetime Access Offer?

  • 90% saving on regular prices.
  • You get unlimited course materials our customers pay a minimum of $60 per course.
  • You get lifetime access to all features and training course materials.
  • As you increase your range of training topics, you’ll never have to worry about developing training content again.
  • Let ready-made training course materials guide your training courses rather than stress and guesswork.

Check out some of the 5-Star reviews left by our customers on Google.

What Is This Lifetime Access Offer?

This Lifetime Access Offer was created to reward our loyal customers.

These training course materials give you the content you need to present your own corporate, employee, and leadership courses.

Within only a few clicks, you’ll be able to deliver your own training courses, develop workshops, and access the content you need to focus on to make a positive impact.

Even better, the 50+ ready-to-use training course materials can be rebranded without having to any large fees.

Talk about making things easier for you.

No more guessing or searching for what content your audience needs to learn.

These training course materials give you the content that your audience needs to learn, so you’ll know exactly what to focus on.

Even better, you can download everything that need the most attention instantly and to start presenting training courses when it matters.

You get the most practical and flexible training course materials to meet the needs of your audience.

Single course’s available separately for $80.

Lifetime Access To This Offer Includes:

  • Cost effective courses that save you time and effort.
  • Brand as your own by adding your logo.
  • Easy to deliver content makes presenting these materials simple.
  • Effective and flexible materials to always meet the needs of your audience.
  • Instant access to everything when you order online.
  • Ready made slide decks so you can see how to present these courses.
  • Optimized workbooks where participants will explore the content of the courses.
  • Amazing instructor guides on selected courses to give you extra assistance.
  • Free exercises and activities that separate your courses from the competition.
  • Hands on training icebreakers that deliver greater audience participation.
  • Interactive training games to keep participants engaged.
  • Bespoke course tests that can be used at the start and at the end of courses.
  • Focused reading lists to keep your audience learning after the course.
  • Custom made evaluation forms so participants can evaluate the effectiveness of these courses.
  • Easy to complete action plans where participants can plan for their future.
  • Ready to use advertorials to promote the courses.
  • 15 free bonus guides to help you present these courses.
  • Practical source files that make it easy to edit content in Microsoft Office.
  • Reusable content means you can deliver these courses as often as required.
  • Unlimited editing rights that let you put your own stamp on the courses.
  • Unlimited printing rights means you can reprint the workbooks as often as required.


Course Materials Included:

Each of the sets of training course material below by themselves in this Lifetime Access Bundle is worth a lot more (up to $80.00 per course) than the investment you’ll make in this purchase.

Lifetime Access – Limited Time Offer