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What is training material?

Training material is what you’ll need to deliver a course. For example, materials include:

  • slides
  • manuals
  • icebreakers
  • games
  • exercises
  • tests

Tell me more about your training material?

If you’re a corporate trainer, you might have downloaded course materials before. Similarly, as a business manager, you might have looked for materials as well. And, you might not have had the time to create these materials from scratch. Basically, the content you need to deliver your own courses.

What types of training course materials are available?

Oak Innovation sells a wide range of training course materials to be used by corporate trainers and business managers.

The leadership development training course materials are specifically for helping staff to effectively manage change, though some of the customer-driven Series training course materials may also be used to helps staff understand the importance of a customer-driven approach.

In fact many of our customers have been focusing on employee wellness development courses and human resource management training courses.

Similarly, Oak Innovation’s organizational, performance management, and project management training course materials are proving very suitable for a wide range of training delivery situations generated from the practical nature of these course materials.

Many of the quality management, sales, and strategic management training course materials are being found to be very effective when used with team building training course materials rather than as standalone training courses.

When will I receive the training course materials I ordered?

All products can be downloaded immediately – after you complete your order.

Who uses these training course materials?

Our customer stories come from a wide range of areas. Not to mind from just about every type of role. Most are corporate trainers. And others are business managers, supervisors, and consultants.

What bonus guides will I get?

We often get questions from people about delivering courses. For example, are there any tricks that they should know? Are there any shortcuts? Does it help to have particular strategies? How can you increase participation levels? And, what about problem participants?

Well, delivering courses requires skill. For some, training is really hard. And, for others it’s just easy. This is why we offer bonus guides.

First, you’ll get a guide on icebreakers and games.

Second, a guide on questioning and listening skills.

Third, how to select materials.

Fourth, a guide on evaluating training.

Fifth, a guide to increase participation levels.

Finally, a guide on how to deal with difficult people.

Are there any extra benefits that I'll get?

In the first place, you get to add your own logos. And, to deliver these training course materials as your own. In addition, you get unlimited rights to use the materials. Finally, you can customize the material where required. And, use them where, when and as often as required

Is there anything that I can't do with the training course material?

All we ask is that the training content received is not resold in hard copy or in electronic format. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please contact us and we will be happy to help. All we ask is that the training content received is not resold in hard copy or in electronic format.

If you can’t find an answer to your question, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Do you offer refunds?

Because all of the content for our courseware is instantly downloadable, there are no refunds. However, we know that sometimes we all can select the wrong product. To illustrate, a product that doesn’t match our needs. This is being human.

So do get in touch with us. And, we can explore options with you. It is important to note that there are no refunds on orders of full sets or subscription orders.

Can I can buy training course materials anywhere else

Of course, we are not the only course developers on the market. If you do any search on the internet you are bound to find a wide range of course material providers that will sell training materials to both trainers and business managers. So, who should you consider as a supplier choice of training course materials for development programs is simply down to your own needs.

That said, for many training course materials buyers around the world, Oak Innovation is the place to buy e-materials simply because we are serious about selling quality training course materials in the most practical and cost-effective way. Something, we are very proud of doing as well.

Can you research a new type of course for me?

We often get approached by people that want to find a new type of course. So, we get asked whether we can research the course content for them. Well, to be honest, we have the required capacity and expertize but we are always very clear from the outset. Often this is simply just really done to be cost-prohibitive.

Creating materials from scratch costs a lot of money and time. And, to expect that a course can be generated for a couple of hundred dollars is just not possible. And, we’re not trying to be strict, but no, we do offer content development services for leadership development courses.

Instead at Oak Innovation, we pour the eagerness of our staff to great courses into further researching and improving the range of courses that we currently offer. This keeps the costs of these leadership training course materials and maximizes the return that our customers receive from this content. And we don’t believe that we can really count the hundreds of thousands of dollars achieved by the delivery of change management training course materials that we know about.

Are there really no restrictions on customization?

There are two standard answers that other training content providers of leadership development training course materials offer when asked whether or not their material can be customized. These are: Yes, we provide a fee-based facility whereby our leadership materials can be customized to meet your specific requirements or Yes, we provide many OK to Copy pages in our courses.

Well, at Oak Innovation we believe that these positions actually restrict, rather than release, the benefits received from leadership training as they do not promote the cascading components and essential ingredients of all learning – meaningfulness, manageability, and comprehensibility. The following simple examples will demonstrate how facilitating customization of our change management course has enabled organizations to receive the maximum impact of our training course materials.

Meaningfulness – Realizing that major change was required within their organization, a large organization decided to develop business leaders. Rather than simply sending these employees to an external training course they sourced, customized, and branded our change management course materials using examples relevant to their own organization. By doing this, all participants accepted that the learning was necessary and took ownership of their own learning.

Manageability – A second major challenge faced when training employees is to ensure that the learner feels that the materials available are adequate to tackle the substantial demands on them. Through customization of our change leadership course materials, a growing service organization was able to effectively introduce and develop a new supervisor group.

Comprehensibility – For training to be effective the learner must feel that the content is clear, structured, and relevant to the situation in which it is to be applied. To illustrate, a medium-sized consultancy company customized and applied for our change management course within an organization they had been working with for several years. As they knew this organization very well they were able to apply this knowledge and structure the training content to reflect how employees operated.

How does Oak Innovation encourage ownership?

Encouraging organizations to take greater ownership of the development process is the cornerstone of all activity at Oak Innovation. Greater ownership over the training process can be obtained during the Analysis, Design, Implementation, and Evaluation stages of training.

Analysis – Every year thousands of dollars, if not millions, are spent on training without formal training needs analyses being performed.

At Oak Innovation we have removed many of the traditional barriers associated with sourcing leadership training content while at the same time ensuring that the maximum amount of ownership is generated by the organization over the training process.

Design – By removing the traditional barriers to personal development it means that an organization can customize and deploy these innovative and practical leadership training course materials wherever and whenever they deem appropriate.

Implementation – The real potential of Oak Innovation's change management training course material becomes apparent when we discuss the implementation of these courses within organizations. Here we believe the return lies in the versatility of our courseware and the imagination of the organization. Whether employed once or one hundred times Oak Innovation training course materials can be customized to suit the needs of the organization.

Evaluation – To assist the organization in determining the suitability of our training course materials and the associated level of change obtained from deploying our modules we have carefully developed and tested clear behavioral learning objectives for each of our modules. These learning objectives can be used in conjunction with existing broader evaluation methodologies within the organization.

Why do I need these training course materials?

Overall, there are dozens and dozens of reasons why you might need content. Most of them are due to time. Now you can get all our customizable training course materials in one bundle. And, use them to run your own courses. We’ve done the hard work for you. In other words, you’ll get slides. Plus, manuals. Together with exercises and games. In addition, you’ll also get icebreakers and training guides. All are available instantly. Furthermore, all customizable source materials are created in Microsoft Word. And, all slides are in Powerpoint. Plus, we also provide PDF training guides. Overall, you’ll get materials to teach managers. And, also rank-and-file employees. We save you time. So, you can focus on the delivery of the courses.

How can I contact Oak Innovation?

Of course, choosing course materials is not always easy. And, you should aim for a combination of materials. Plus, course materials that are relevant. In addition, content that will fit the needs of your audience. As always, be sure to keep in touch. And, let us know if we missed anything. Plus, our customers will thank you for any feedback! Ask about our training materials. And, pricing. Not to mind, any delivery questions. Plus, our highly trained staff are standing by. And, are always ready to help.

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