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Conflict Resolution Skills – Sample Materials.

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Learning Outcomes.

  • Understand the relationship between conflict and the organization.
  • Explore sources and types of conflict.
  • Understand different perspectives on conflict.
  • Understand different conflict-handling strategies and styles.
  • Explore conflict outcomes.


Topics Covered.

1. What is conflict management?

  • A definition of conflict management skills.
  • The types of conflict that can exist in companies.
  • The main types of conflict resolution roles.

2. Conflict-handling strategies

  • Why conflict management strategies are important.
  • Several examples of conflict management handling strategies (competing, collaborating, compromising, avoiding, and accommodating).

3. Conflict management outcomes

  • How to better manage conflict situations.
  • Four primary conflict outcomes (exploration, reflection, creativity, and renewal).


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  • 2 Course Tests.
  • Activities/Exercises.
  • A Reading List.
  • A Course Advertorial.
  • An Action Plan.

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