Telesales Training


Use these training course materials to teach teams the essential telesales skills, telesales strategies, and telesales techniques to sell just about anything over the phone.

All the training course material you need to teach single-day courses.

Audience: All types of employees.

Get Telesales Training Course Materials For Your Courses And Workshops.

Our telesales training course materials are an innovative way to share telesales and telemarketing skills.

You can use these telesales training course materials to help your course participants to master proven techniques such as crafting engaging scripts, managing diverse customer personalities, and utilizing vocal tone and language to foster positive customer experiences.

Participants will also improve their understanding of effective telesales strategies to boost their confidence on calls and enhance overall sales results.

From these telesales training course materials participants will develop a better understanding of successful telesales skills and how they can use these telesales techniques as part of their role.

The content will also guide participants on the main obstacles to effective telesales.


Learning Outcomes.

At the end of this Telesales Training participants will:

  • Be able to identify the main obstacles to effective telesales.
  • Understand the process behind successful telesales skills.
  • Understand a range of techniques.
  • Be able to use these techniques to build an effective process.
  • Understand the benefits of an effective telesales process.


Topics Covered.

Here’s what is covered:

1. Telesales training

  • What is telesales.
  • The advantages of selling over the phone.
  • The role of the telephone in generating sales.

2. The seven deadly sins of telesales

  • The impact of a lack of management commitment.
  • What happens when telesales is only given minimum attention.
  • The impact of insufficient marketing support.
  • Unrealistic expectations.
  • The costs of staffing mistakes.
  • Insufficient investment.
  • The impact of inadequate measurement and analysis.

3. The selling equation

  • Telesales as a process.
  • Fundamental telephone techniques like managing the call, voice, and attitude.

4. Aspects that create the wrong impression
Conditions that set the wrong impression:

  • The call was not answered at all.
  • The customer left on hold.
  • No identification of the agent or the organization.
  • While transferring, the customer gets cut off.
  • No interest in the customer.
  • Agent not listening.
  • No confidence was generated.
  • The agent is rude or condescending.

5. The stages of a sales call

  • Opening.
  • Presentation.
  • Closing.
  • Departure.

6. Why do people buy
People buy to:

  • Avoid pain.
  • Reduce risk or loss.
  • Enhance their prestige or ego.
  • Make money.
  • Gain enjoyment, pleasure, or comfort.
  • Buy for other people.

7. How to handle objections

  • Transitions.
  • Buying signals.
  • How to close the sale.


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Telesales Training