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Why We’re Here

We’ve been providing training course material all around the world for over 29 years!

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How We Do It?

With 100% of customers looking for training course material that saves them effort, you won’t be stuck wading through content that won’t save you time.

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From slide decks to workbooks, our training course material eliminates content creation fatigue and gives you instant access to customizable course material.

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Our course material bundle is packed with best practices so your learners get the knowledge they need. From slide decks, guides, workbooks, games, and icebreakers, you’ll have everything you need to deliver effective and engaging courses.

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New Workbooks

We provide a range of new workbooks for companies providing training to their employees, individuals looking to develop their own skills, coaches and mentors providing one-to-one supports, educators teaching skills, and learning professionals providing courses.

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Free Activities

We provide a range of assessments for use within training courses, workshops, and one-to-one learning sessions. All activities are 100% free.

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Free Assessments

To meet the needs of individual learners and teams, we have a series of assessments that you can use. All assessments are 100% free.

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Free Design Tips

Sometimes a training course or a workshop is just missing a little bit of something special. We provide a series of instructional design tips that can really help. All instructional design tips are 100% free.

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Free Guides

We offer a range of training guides to benefit your training courses, workshops, and one-to-one learning sessions. All training guides are 100% free.

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Free Resources

For great instructors and facilitators that want to make the most of their time with individuals and teams, we provide a series of resources. All resources are 100% free.

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Free Trainer Skills

We know that delivering training courses and workshops isn’t always easy. We discuss a series of trainer skills that will help you easily develop. All posts are 100% free.

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Trusted By Businesses, Nonprofits, Schools, Government Agencies, And Public Institutions.

Since 1995, thousands of teams have used our training course materials to increase productivity & skills.

Deliver Engaging Courses With Ready-Made Course Materials

You can use our training course materials to launch your own training courses. Just add your own logo and deliver our complete courses as your own.

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Be Ready To Present Your Own Courses In Minutes

Give your company an instant, more flexible way of presenting training courses. Download, brand, and present learning courses using all-in-one easy-to-present training course materials.

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Experience Engaging Training Course Material Like Never Before

Need training content on a specific topic? Ready-made training course materials mean you can upskill fast and easily – all from one easy download.

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Course Delivery Made Easy With Prewritten Course Materials

Our download-and-deliver feature makes it so easy to start delivering your own courses. Now anyone can skip the hassle of creating training content. Simply download and deliver our slide decks, workbooks, guides, and more.

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You Are In Great Company. Meet Some Of Our Clients.

Since 1995, we’ve worked with some amazing companies and organizations. From multi-nationals to independent consultants, nonprofits to government agencies, schools and public institutions, we’re delighted to help teams.

Are You Tired Of …

  • Not having the training course materials you need to develop teams?
  • Not having the time you need for the things that will improve your company?
  • Feeling overwhelmed and having to do it all on your own?
  • Not knowing what to do next?

It’s Time To Do Something About It

  • Get instant and hassle-free access to effective training course materials.
  • Optimized training course materials so you can start presenting courses, today.
  • Ready made training course materials and great savings.
  • Flexible training course material that you can adapt to meet your needs.
  • An “add your logo option” to rebrand the training course material.
  • Ready made training course materials to suit every situation.
  • Practical training course material to engage all participants.
  • 15 free bonus training guides to help you present these courses.

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