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Established in 1995, Oak Innovation has helped thousands of professionals access the training course materials they need to create productive workplaces.

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We unlock training content for people seeking to present their own courses, and more.

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A course to present. A workgroup to develop. An individual to support.

Now training course materials are instantly available. So it’s easier than ever to start presenting your own courses with ease — from practical training manuals to amazing slide decks.

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What matters to you matters to Oak Innovation as well.

Engage your participants with training manuals, guides, icebreakers, games, and tests — whether you want to offer training courses onsite, offsite, or online.

With Oak Innovation, you can:

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It’s How You Engage Everyone In Your Courses.

Oak Innovation gives you everything you need to engage your audience, increase their skills and make everyone feel involved – whether you’re running a team training workshop, a one-on-one session or an full-day training course.