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At Oak Innovation we understand that you’re busy – so we keep everything simple.

Now you can spend less time developing corporate training materials and more time doing the things you love. We sell training course materials content that make it easy for you to deliver your own courses.

If you’re looking to save time, save money, and to find training materials to run your own courses then we’re here to make this as easy as possible.

Our 50+ sets of training course materials contain customizable, informative and detailed training materials. All content is designed to be easily delivered.

Business Managers – use these training course materials to train your teams.

Corporate Trainers – use the content to deliver more courses.

What’s Included:

You’ll instantly receive:

Powerpoint Slides: 
We’ve created slides so you don’t have to. Slides have been developed using Microsoft Powerpoint and are fully customizable. This means that you can easily customize the content to meet the exact needs of your audience.

Participant Manual: You will receive a detailed participant. This manual is fully customizable to meet the exact needs of your audience. Simply print as many copies as you need.

Facilitator Resources: We provide additional manuals and support materials on certain titles. These are designed to assist you further in the delivery of these course materials.

Course Exercises:
 Each course comes with carefully created exercises. These free exercises will encourage your participants to apply what they have learnt to their job.

Training Ice Breakers: 21 free icebreakers that are ready-to-use for any training session.

Training Games: 
21 free training games that ready-to-use for any training session.

Course Tests: We provide a number of free course tests. A pre-course test will help you evaluate your audience prior to the training session. It will also allow you to collect important information on their needs. Plus, to establish their current levels of understanding on particular course topics. You will also get a free post-course test that will evaluate their learning at the end of the training session.

Further Reading: You will also get a free list of further with each set of training course materials that you can give to your audience.

Course Evaluation: You will get a free evaluation tool that you can give your audience to evaluate the effectiveness of each course.

Action Plan: You will get receive a free action plan with each course that you can give to your audience. This will allow your participants to maximize their learning long after the course is over.

Expert Guides: You will also receive a selection of informative and free expert guides. Topics include developing participation, evaluating training, listening skills and so much more.

In fact, you’ll get around 8 hours of training content to be used for each course listed.

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– You’ll Save Hours In Development Time

– You’ll Receive Training Content Developed By Experts At An Extremely Competitive Single Price

– You’ll Receive All The Training Source Files (Powerpoint, Word, PDF) At No Extra Cost

– We’ll Extend Full Permission To Customize Any Of This Content, Without Cost Or Restrictions

– You Can Even Use Your Own Logos To Deliver This Module Where, When And As Often As Needed

Who Uses These Training Materials?

Most of our clients are trainers and managers.

And, if you also want to run your own courses this content will save you time. And, the materials can be used when you want. Also, where you want. Plus, at times that work for you.

Extra Free Features

You can add your own logos. And, you can run this content as your own.

And, you can even edit the content if you want.

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Instantly create your very own training library.

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