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If you dream of presenting your own courses, but you’re freaked out about the time needed to create the content? Get our step-by-step sets of workshop materials that give you freedom and content beyond your dreams!

We exist to help people (just like you) to present more courses, make more money and do the things you love.

Get immediate access to all the training materials, guides, slide decks, and much more!

We’ll even tell you what to talk about.

And we’ll give you tips on how best to present these courses.

We’ll also give you free guides on icebreakers and games to get the most from your courses.

So if the thought of creating content fills you with dread, we can help. We’ll ensure you make the most of your presentations. And, give you the best chance of success.

Plus, you’ll get the content to present the courses that you’re looking for.

  1. Go to the courses section to find a course you want to present.
  2. Click the Course Title to learn about the course.
  3. Click Add To Cart to order the content. A download link will be sent to the email account you provide.
  4. To access the course content, click the order link. Then download the content when required.

Which Content Is Right For You?

You’re busy, but you know you need great content to present a great course. So we built your course library for you! (And save you thousands of dollars!)

You also know that work is also hard these days. The past few years have been extra challenging. Everyone is waking up to the fact that we have to take care of ourselves better.

We understand that you want to change your situation, present more courses and even create more revenue. But maybe you’ve just not got the time or confidence to create all the content you need.

Let’s face it, that takes a lot of time to build a great course.

But where to start?

We’ve built 50+ sets of workshop materials that you can instantly access!

Every course is filled with slide decks, manuals, guides, and much more. And every course contains best practice advice and tips that will help you present the course.

You will get over $4000 worth of courses for only $10.00 per course. Which is an amazing value.

Explore how you can unlock your course library today.

  1. Click the Limited Time Offer in the navigation bar.
  2. Click Add To Cart to order all 52 courses.
  3. A link will be sent to the email account you provide.
  4. Download the content at your convenience.

With free updates for life, you will immediately unlock 50+ courses to start presenting today.

To Present Your Courses, You Need Structured Sets Of Workshop Materials! We Built Them For You.

Introducing featured course categories – the world’s best library of courses, from the world’s leading pioneers of pre-written workshop materials.

With Oak Innovation, you can present courses when you want. It’s good for you and your delegates.

You save time with pre-written content, get set up quickly, and can present your courses anytime.

Get More Out Of Your Courses.

Take back control of your course development and download 50+ sets of workshop materials.

You can even manually add a logo and content to brand each course as your own.

Follow these steps in Microsoft Word:

  1. Open the document.
  2. Click on the Header tab and choose your style.
  3. From the pull-down menus, choose to Insert → Picture → From File.
  4. Navigate to the desired logo, then click Open.
  5. Then click Save.

Get The Manuals, Slide Decks, Guides, And Content You Need To Excel As A Presenter… Right Now!

Cut through the confusion, get clear content about what to present, and scale your dream of presenting your own courses.

Oak Innovation also lets you customize your courses in exciting new ways.

Add content to make it personal. Or include your logo to brand the courses as your own.

We’re going to guide you step-by-step through the courses and you’ll instantly get the following:

  • Brandable Course Content.
  • Customizable PowerPoint Slide Decks.
  • Editable Manuals.
  • Expert Guides.
  • Free Games.
  • Free Icebreakers.
  • Course Tests.
  • Course Activities/Exercises.
  • Practical Reading Lists.
  • Customizable Course Advertorials.
  • Action Plans.
  • Instant Download.
  • Easy To Edit Microsoft Office Format.
  • Free Lifetime Access.

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