Materials To Deliver A Course In Stress Management





Are you looking for training materials to deliver a course in stress management skills?

If so, we’re delighted to announce that you can now download our course materials. And, you can use them to deliver your own courses.

How it works

We’ve created a very practical set of training content that you can use to teach your audience about managing stress. It focuses on all the things needed to help staff to understand stress in the workplace.

Simply, use the content to explain the factors involved. And, then discuss the General Adaptation Syndrome.

Finally, you can use the content to outline a range of ways to manage stress. And, the support programs that can be introduced.

Course outline

The following topics are covered within the slides, manuals and support materials provided for this course in stress management skills.

Stress And The Workplace – To begin, participants will be introduced to the impact that stress that can have on the workplace. This includes reduced performance levels and higher absenteeism and turnover figures. Use the content to discuss how lower motivation levels can have a direct impact on satisfaction levels amongst staff. Plus, how all of this can also result in the burnout of some staff.

Factors – The next section explores what factors can influence stress levels both at an individual and at an organizational level. Use the content to explore on aspects like working conditions, work overload and responsibility. Then highlight job security and the influence of change within the organization. Next, discuss how interpersonal demands, relationships and profiles can cause obstacles. Finally, use the content to highlight key contributory factors like role ambiguity, role conflict and the impact of personality type on stress levels.

The General Adaptation Syndrome – This section explores this theory. And, the content focuses on physical and behavioural symptoms

Managing Stress – This section will deal the role of management and the individual in the management of stress.

Support Programs – To conclude this course, the content focuses on support programs that can be introduced to help to manage stress levels with organizations. Use the content to explore employee counselling, communication forums and listening skills. Then, discuss the role of management, stress reduction teams and company event planning. Next, the content looks at personal coping strategies, anxiety management and cognitive restructuring. The course ends by exploring appraisal, problem and emotion focused coping strategies.

What’s included

These training course materials to deliver a course in stress management consist of a 46-page customizable participant manual. This has been created in Microsoft Word for easy customization. And, it also contains all exercises, tests and further reading required.

The support materials also include 62 Powerpoint slides for easy delivery.

Also available are 14 Expert Training Guides that have been created to assist in the delivery of this course.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this training course in stress management skills, your participants will be able to:

– Understand stress in the workplace
– Learn how to measure absenteeism.
– Identify influences on stress.
– Identify stress and the individual.
– Detail ‘The General Adaptive Syndrome’.
– Manage stress.


“As with every program I’ve purchased from your company, this one is comprehensive, detailed, in-depth. It gives me more than I need to conduct multiple trainings

Thank you, again, for your awesome products.”

Christy Crump, President, Crump & Associates, LLC

“The sample module I obtained motivated me to purchase the entire set of 52! I immediately saw the value in being able to customize the materials to fit my audience, and provide my clients with a choice of format (Powerpoint, Word, PDF). The attachments arrived in a timely fashion and were easy to access. I recommend these products to other coaches, trainers and consultants who want an easy way to save hours of time and have presentations they can customize and call their own.”

Dr. James S. Vuocolo,
Master Certified Business & Personal Coach

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