Materials To Deliver A Course In Job Analysis




Job Analysis Course – Product Summary

What’s Included

These training course materials on job analysis are filled with easy-to-use content that will allow you to deliver this course to others.

We also include 14 unique expert training guides and support materials that will help you improve the effectiveness of courses. A downloadable file includes a 44 page ready-to-use and fully customizable participant manual.

All the exercises, tests and required reading are included in this manual so you can easily deliver these proven materials in your own training sessions.

We also include 81 powerpoint slides that will help corporate managers and trainers ensure that their training delivery is as effective as possible

We’ve created this job analysis materials so you don’t have to. As a result, you can teach your participants about the basics of job analysis.

Your participants will learn how to complete a job analysis. And, about key job analysis skills. These include different job analysis methods, types of observation, and the position analysis questionnaire.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of these training course materials, your participants will be able to:

– Explain the role of job analysis.
– Describe four methods.
– Describe the advantages and disadvantages of interviews.
– Detail three types of job observation.
– Introduce a Critical Incident Technique.
– Understand a Position Analysis Questionnaire.
– Test job analysis techniques.

Course Outline

The following topics are covered within the slides, manuals and support materials provided.

Job Analysis – The course content begins by covering what exactly is a Job Analysis and applications with companies. The course material then focuses in job descriptions, selection procedures and worker mobility. The section concludes by looking at training and development, compensation and performance management.

Main Types – This section of the course content explores the crucial areas of the job analysis interview and the concept of observation. The content also explore two crucial job analysis tools (e.g., Critical Incident Technique, Position Analysis Questionnaire).

Criteria – The final section of this content explores different criteria and to help participants assess whether they are ready to perform a Job analysis.


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