Job Analysis


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Tackle job analysis skills courses with ease.

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This practical training course material (e.g., slide deck, training guides, workbook, and more) on job analysis skills equips people managers, recruiters and HR professionals with the skills to create job descriptions for their organization.

Your participants will learn that a well-performed job analysis clearly explains a job’s exact nature and how a job fits within organizational objectives.

The course content covers how to document job duties, isolate requirements and standards to optimize hiring, and better understand training and performance management.

The course materials also offer a deeper understanding of using several job analysis techniques.

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Sample materials.

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Topics covered.

1. Job analysis skills

  • What is a job analysis?
  • The main job analysis methods.

2. Key aspects of job analysis methods

  • Knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs).
  • Performance metrics.
  • Work tasks and behaviors.
  • People interactions.
  • Managerial input.
  • The equipment required.
  • The working environment.

3. Six key job analysis concepts

  • Job descriptions and classifications.
  • A chance to look at selection procedures.
  • Worker mobility.
  • Training and development.
  • Compensation.
  • The link to performance management.

4. The main types of job analysis techniques

  • The main types of job analysis techniques.
  • Essential tools (e.g., the critical incident technique and the position analysis questionnaire).

5. Ask the right questions

  • Questions to ask when deciding what job analysis technique to use.



Your participants will:

  • Understand the role of job analysis.
  • Understand four job analysis methods.
  • Examine the advantages and disadvantages of interviews.
  • Explore three types of job observation.
  • Understand the Critical Incident Technique.
  • Understand a Position Analysis Questionnaire.
  • Explore essential job analysis techniques.