How To Reduce Absenteeism


Use these training course materials to teach teams how to reduce absenteeism in the workplace by exploring proven strategies to manage and reduce absenteeism.

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Absenteeism costs an average company over $3,000 per employee each year.

Now you can now use this training material to provide a step-by-step overview on how to reduce absenteeism in the workplace.

This how to reduce absenteeism course material covers crucial topics such as measuring absence, understanding the causes of absenteeism, implementing effective attendance policies, and using coaching to change behaviors. And, how to introduce an Attendance Management Program.


Learning Outcomes.

At the end of this how to reduce absenteeism course participants will:

  • Understand the types of absenteeism.
  • Understand the costs of not tackling absenteeism.
  • Be able to identify whether an absenteeism problem exists
  • Understand how to measure absence and turnover.
  • Be able to put in place an effective Attendance Management Program.


Topics Covered.

Here’s what is covered:

1. Understanding absenteeism

  • What is absenteeism
  • The costs of employee absences.
  • Different types and causes of employee absenteeism.
  • Three leading causes of employee absenteeism.

2. Do you have an absenteeism problem?

  • Key factors.

3. How to measure employee absenteeism

  • Absenteeism and measurement within companies.

4. Five interventions to reduce absenteeism in the workplace.
Helping participants appreciate employee handbooks.

  • Employee handbooks
  • Attendance policies.
  • The impact of training and development.
  • The role of coaching.
  • Corrective action.


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