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How to help employees to understand various types of work environments

Today’s employees need to have a solid understanding of various types of working environments.

In the past, companies looked to develop only a few employees in the areas of organizational development, competitive advantage and strategic management. And, training efforts would be presented within a series of single standalone courses.

However, we’ve now seen a need for a single course that targets a wider grouping of employees. We call this understanding the work organization.

How you can get course materials to train employees about the work organization

We believe that if you can train employees about the organization in which they work that you can then shape how they interact in that environment. And, then help them to deliver a more valuable contribution within their company.

Now you can instantly download these work organization training materials to improve your participants understanding of organizations.

In particular, this training course will help improve the organizational skills of managers, team leaders, supervisors and front-line staff.

Course outline

The following topics are covered in the slides, manuals and support materials provided.

What is an Organization – Start by exploring internal, external and competitive environments. And, the product life cycle.

Competitive Advantage – Next, discuss the five forces model of competition.

What Is Strategic Management – Explore how to identify a best strategy for the company. And, examine factors like skills, technology, manufacturing, marketing and distribution.

Five Generic Competitive Strategies – End the course by exploring the following five competitive strategies. These include:

– Overall low-cost leadership

– Broad differentiation strategy

– Focused low-cost strategy

– Focused differentiation strategy

– Best cost-provider strategy

Course objectives

At the end of the course, your participants will be able to:

– Understand external and internal environments

– Appreciate the competitive environment

– Understand the product life cycle

– Understand the concept of competitive advantage

– Detail the five forces model of competition

– Understand the relationship between strategy and the organization

– Identify the best strategy

What’s included

On completion of your order, you will instantly receive the following:

– 42 page participant manual
– 65 powerpoint slides
– Practical exercises
– Further reading
– Course evaluation form and action plan

Free course materials

We will also send you the following free expert guides for use within your training courses:

– How to use icebreakers
– How to use training games
– How to improve listening skills
– How to improve questioning skills
– How to select materials and methods
– How to increase participation
– How to deal with difficult people
– How to evaluate training courses

Customer stories

“The content is fine and provides a good range of techniques to train.”

Peter Follett Human Capital

“It is straight forward, easy to identify and apply with daily workplace experiences.”

Mathangani Pristine Management Solutions Ltd

“I have used your courses and have found them helpful and effective in training my staff.”

Andre Koen,
Anoka County, MN, USA

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