The Work Organization – Training Course Materials




Creating your own course materials can take a lot of time. And, this is maybe something that you do not have a lot of.

To this end, we have a great solution for you.

Learning Objectives

Plus, you’ll get content to teach others to:

  • Understand external and internal environments.
  • Appreciate the competitive environment.
  • Understand the product life cycle.
  • Understand the concept of competitive advantage.
  • Detail the five forces model of competition.
  • Understand the relationship between strategy and the organization.
  • Identify the best strategy.

Course Outline

What Is An Organization?

  • The External Environment
  • The Internal Environment
  • The Competitive Environment
  • The Product Life Cycle

Competitive Advantage

  • Five Forces Model Of Competition

What Is Strategy?

  • Identifying The Best Strategy
  • Key Success Factors
  • Skills
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Distribution
  • Assess The Present Strategy
  • Identify Strategic Options

Five Generic Competitive Strategies

  • Overall Low-Cost Leadership
  • Broad Differentiation Strategy
  • Focused Low Cost Strategy
  • Focused Differentiation Strategy
  • Best Cost-Provider Strategy

What’s Included

  • 65 Powerpoint Slides
  • 42 Page Participant Manual
  • 14 Expert Training Guides