Materials To Deliver A Course About The Work Organization





Creating your own course materials can take a lot of time. And, this is maybe something that you do not have a lot of. So, we have a great solution to help you.

Course Outline

What is an Organization? – The course materials explores the internal, external and competitive environments. Use the content to teach your audience about the
Product Life Cycle.

Competitive Advantage – The section can be used to teach your audience about the Five Forces Model of Competition.

What Is Strategy? – This section focuses on how to identify the best strategy and discusses key success factors. It also explores factors like skills, technology, manufacturing, marketing and distribution. This section of the materials also focuses on assessing the present strategy and identifying strategic options.

Five Generic Competitive Strategies – The course concludes by exploring the following five competitive strategies:

– Overall Low-Cost Leadership
– Broad Differentiation Strategy
– Focused Low Cost Strategy
– Focused Differentiation Strategy
– Best Cost-Provider Strategy

What’s Included

65 Powerpoint Slides
42 Page Participant Manual
14 Expert Training Guides

Learning Objectives

You’ll get content to teach others to:

– Understand external and internal environments.
– Appreciate the competitive environment.
– Understand the product life cycle.
– Understand the concept of competitive advantage.
– Detail the five forces model of competition.
– Understand the relationship between strategy and the organization.
– Identify the best strategy.


“The content is fine and provides a good range of techniques to train.”

Peter Follett Human Capital

“It is straight forward, easy to identify and apply with daily workplace experiences.”

Mathangani Pristine Management Solutions Ltd

“I have used your courses and have found them helpful and effective in training my staff.”

Andre Koen,
Anoka County, MN, USA

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