Advanced Presentation Skills


Use these training course materials to teach teams to master presentation skills and become confident public speakers.

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Audience: All types of employees.

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You can use these Advanced Presentation Skills training course materials to cover a wide range of topics, including storytelling, body language, vocal modulation, and managing nerves during presentations.

The course material combines theoretical knowledge with practical exercises and interactive activities, ensuring your audience can apply the concepts learned in real-life situations.


Learning Outcomes.

At the end of this Advanced Presentation Skills Training Course participants will:

  • Be able to deliver excellent presentations.
  • Understand how to present with confidence.
  • Be able to create presentations that influence others.


Topics Covered.

Here’s what we cover:

1. Introduction

  • Presentation basics.
  • Presentation performance.
  • Two types of presentations.


2. The role of the presenter

  • Expectations and assumptions.
  • Managing first impressions.
  • Non-verbal communication.
  • The use of voice, face, visual feedback, and gestures within presentations.

3. Preparing with confidence

  • The role complementary communication channels.


4. The tools of the trade

  • Presenter notes and practical handouts.
  • Visual aids, flip-charts, and projectors.
  • Presentation software.


5. Overcoming the barriers to advanced presentation skills

  • Poor habits.
  • Barriers to effective presentations.
  • This section also looks at the role of audience preparation.


6. How to prepare for presentations

  • The need for proper preparation.
  • How to identify the purpose of a presentation.
  • Presentation structure.
  • Information versus data.
  • Asking the right questions.
  • Presentation skills.


7. How to create the perfect presentation environment

  • The presentation audience.
  • Transitions.
  • How to handle questions.
  • A Q and A session.
  • How to handle a heckler.


8. How to present with confidence

  • How to start a presentation.
  • How to deal with noise.


9. How to understand your audience

  • Monroe’s Motivated Sequence (MMS).
  • How to get the attention of an audience.
  • Creating a moving need.
  • How to define a solution.
  • The foundation for a detailed picture of success (or failure).
  • A call for action that an audience will/can follow.


Four bonus case scenarios

  • Group working.
  • Study skills.
  • Information gathering.
  • Presentation skills.


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Advanced Presentation Skills