Advanced Presentation Skills


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Remember, delivering successful presentations is a vital skill. These training course materials cover various topics, including storytelling, body language, vocal modulation, and nerve management during presentations.

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Sample Materials.

We use generic backgrounds so you can rebrand the training course materials as your own.

Topics Covered.

1. Introduction

  • Presentation basics.
  • Presentation performance.
  • Two types of presentations.


2. The role of the presenter

  • Expectations and assumptions.
  • Managing first impressions.
  • Non-verbal communication.
  • The use of voice, face, visual feedback, and gestures within presentations.


3. Preparing with confidence

  • The role of complementary communication channels.


4. The tools of the trade

  • Presenter notes and practical handouts.
  • Visual aids, flip charts, and projectors.
  • Presentation software.


5. Overcoming the barriers to advanced presentation skills

  • Poor habits.
  • Barriers to effective presentations.
  • This section also looks at the role of audience preparation.


6. How to prepare for presentations

  • The need for proper preparation.
  • How to identify the purpose of a presentation.
  • Presentation structure.
  • Information versus data.
  • Asking the right questions.
  • Presentation skills.


7. How to create the perfect presentation environment

  • The presentation audience.
  • Transitions.
  • How to handle questions.
  • A Q and A session.
  • How to handle a heckler.


8. How to present with confidence

  • How to start a presentation.
  • How to deal with noise.


9. How to understand your audience

  • Monroe’s Motivated Sequence (MMS).
  • How to get the attention of an audience.
  • Creating a moving need.
  • How to define a solution.
  • The foundation for a detailed picture of success (or failure).
  • A call for action that an audience will/can follow.


Four Bonus Case Scenarios.

  • Group working.
  • Study skills.
  • Information gathering.
  • Presentation skills.



Your participants will:

  • Explore how to deliver excellent presentations.
  • Understand how to present with confidence.
  • Explore how to create presentations that influence others.


What’s Included?

You get instant access to everything you need.

  • Workbook.
  • Slides.
  • Instructor Manual.
  • 17 Free Training Games.
  • 17 Free Training Icebreakers.
  • 15 Practical Training Guides.
  • 2 Course Tests.
  • Activities/Exercises.
  • A Reading List.
  • A Course Advertorial.
  • An Action Plan.