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Learning Outcomes.

  • Understand the relationship between conflict and negotiation skills.
  • Examine the key roles and responsibilities.
  • Explore an effective negotiation process (e.g., preparation, opening position, bargaining, movement, and closing).


Negotiation Skills Training Material – Sample Materials.

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Topics Covered.

1. What are negotiation skills?

  • What are the main causes of conflict.
  • The different types of negotiation skills.
  • The relationship between conflict and negotiation.
  • Different levels and types of negotiations.

2. Team roles and responsibilities

  • Roles and responsibilities within a negotiation team (e.g., lead negotiator, analyst, and recorder).
  • Team control.
  • Personal control.
  • Signalling.

3. The negotiation process

  • Early steps.
  • Key commitments.
  • Holding a strong opening position.
  • Bargaining.
  • Movement.
  • Closing.
  • Getting an agreement.


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  • 2 Course Tests.
  • Activities/Exercises.
  • A Reading List.
  • A Course Advertorial.
  • An Action Plan.

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