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Are you looking for content to deliver your a course in strategic management skills?

If so, we’re excited to provide you with our course materials.

This strategic management skills training course has been developed for line managers or front line staff who are required to understand strategic management as part of their role. This course is applicable for both people relatively new to an organization as well as those who have a lot of experience.

These training materials will help develop the strategic management skills of any staff member and ensure you deliver a successful strategic management training course.

How it works

Your course participants will learn how strategy sets direction and focuses efforts. Plus, you can use the materials to demonstrate how strategic management will also help define an organisation. In other words, it provides consistency.

On top of that, your audience will learn that it is not just a management activity.

The course materials provide particular focus on the ten main strategy schools.

Course overview

The following topics are covered within the slides, manuals and support materials provided.

What Is Strategy – The course materials begins with a discussion on why we need strategy. And, why we need strategic managers within organizations.

The Strategy Schools – This section explores the ten main strategy schools. These include:

– Design
– Planning
– Positioning
– Entrepreneurial
– Cognitive
– Learning
– Power
– Cultural
– Environmental
– Configuration

Five Step Model – Use the course materials to provide a simple five step model that can be easily applied to any setting.

What’s included

These corporate training materials will enable you to deliver a course in strategic management skills. You will receive a 47-page participant manual and 51 Powerpoint Slides and 14 expert training guides that will help you deliver this course to others.

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Learning objectives

Upon completion of this training course in strategic management skills, your participants will be able to:

– Understand the importance of strategic management skills.
– Identify the characteristics of strategy managers.
– Understand the ten main strategy schools.
– Introduce a Five Step Strategy Model.
– Outline the vision and mission for their organization.
– Identify strategic and financial objectives.
– Understand how to put in place, execute and evaluate a strategy.


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Tom Heck, President,
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