Strategic Management


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We built these strategy materials to be used by managers and corporate trainers.

Of course, some believe that only managers need to know about strategic management. Well, we want to dispel that myth. In fact, we believe that all staff will benefit from knowing more about strategic management.

We also know that you may need to train others for many reasons. But one thing is clear – your course content must be practical. In addition, it needs to be easy to understand.

But, creating training materials from scratch takes time.

To this end, we’ve created these materials. And, they will save you time.

In addition, they will teach your participants about setting direction.

And, that it focuses efforts. Plus, it also defines an organisation. In other words, it provides consistency.

On top of that, your participants will learn that it is not just a management activity.

In particular, you can teach participants about the ten main strategy schools.

Plus, you’ll get content to teach others to:

  • Understand the importance of the strategy.
  • Identify the characteristics of strategy managers.
  • Understand the ten main strategy schools.
  • Introduce a Five Step Strategy Model.
  • Outline the vision and mission for their organization.
  • Identify strategic and financial objectives.
  • Understand how to put in place, execute and evaluate a strategy.


What Is Strategy?

  • Why We Need Strategy?
  • Strategy Managers

The Strategy Schools

  • Design
  • Planning
  • Positioning
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Cognitive
  • Learning
  • Power
  • Cultural
  • Environmental
  • Configuration

Simple Five Step Model

What Will You Get?

  • 51 Powerpoint Slides.
  • 47 Page Participant Manual.
  • 14 Expert Training Guides.

What bonus guides will you get?

It is our view, that we all can run better courses. Because of this, we’ll give you free guides to help improve your delivery.

First, we offer guides on icebreakers and games. Next, a guide on questioning and listening skills. Plus, a guide on how to select materials.

On top of that, you’ll receive a guide on evaluating training. Together with how to increase participation. Last but not least, you’ll get a guide on how to deal with difficult people.

Are there any free benefits?

It sounds so obvious, but we share our team working training materials.

So, you get the content you need. And, you get to add your own logos. In fact, you can run this content as your own.

Plus, you get unlimited rights. And, you can edit the material. And, use them where, when and as often as required. Check out our terms of use.

How to contact us about our team working course content?

Be sure to keep in touch with us.

And, ask about our training materials. Plus, our pricing. Not to mind, any download queries.

Our staff are standing by. And, are always ready to help.

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