Leadership Influence Training


Use these training course materials to teach teams how to influence, inspire, and enable success as a leader.

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Audience: All types of employees.

Get Leadership Influence Training Course Materials For Your Courses And Workshops.

You can use our Leadership Influence Training material to teach teams about different leadership styles and communication strategies. They will also learn how to build relationships, and how to manage conflicts.

By mastering these skills, your participants will become more influential leaders and capable of motivating and guiding teams towards success.

Simply put, this Leadership Influence Training material has everything that you need to teach current and potential leaders on how to influence others.


Learning Outcomes.

At the end of this leadership influence training participants will:

  • Be able to outline the relationship between leadership and influence skills.
  • Understand four main approaches to leadership.
  • Understand how to build relationships.
  • Be able to use several zones of influence.
  • Be able to use nine influence tactics.


Topics Covered.

Here’s what is covered:

1. What is leadership?

  • Fundamental leadership concepts, theories, and best practices.
  • The mindset of an effective leader.
  • How to influence others.
  • The main types of influence skills.
  • The key the relationship between leadership and influence.

2. Leadership theories

  • The main leadership theories (e.g., traits and behavioral perspective).
  • Different types of leadership styles.
  • The contingency perspective.
  • Transactional and transformational leadership styles.

3. Influence zones

  • How leaders can influence others.
  • The zones of influence.
  • Preference and indifference zones.
  • The legitimate zone.
  • Non-influence zones.

4. Nine tactics for influencing others

  • Tactics leaders can use to influence others.
  • Nine influence skills.


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Leadership Influence Training