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This training course material will also provide your participants with the skills and knowledge required to create technical reports, as well as giving them an understanding of the obstacles to effective technical report writing.

The content explores how to optimize document layouts, sequence information logically, and use graphics effectively.

Learning Outcomes.

  • Explore obstacles to effective technical report writing.
  • Understand technical reports.
  • Understand a range of tools and techniques.
  • Examine different techniques to build an effective process.
  • Understand the benefits of effective report writing.


Topics Covered.

1. Technical reports

  • The main characteristics of technical reports (e.g., based on facts, accessible, accurate, complete, and compiled by competent people).
  • Total quality management.
  • Common problems that can happen.
  • Five quality levels in a technical report writing process.

2. Preparing to write

  • How to prepare to write technical reports.
  • Layout.
  • Information sequencing and the use of illustrations.
  • The simplicity of expression.
  • Common problems with technical reports.

3. How to structure the report (LEAVES and ABC)

  • Logical
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate information
  • Value to the reader
  • Efficient use of language
  • Standardized style
  • Accurate –  it is factual and objective.
  • Brief – it is short without leaving anything out.
  • Clear – it is understandable, complete, and to the point.

4. How to start writing and editing the report

  • Key insights on writing technical reports.


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  • An Action Plan.

Buy Course Material On Technical Report Writing Skills