Time Management Training Material


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The time management training course provides a comprehensive understanding of how to avoid procrastination and improve workflow.

Participants will learn how to set SMART goals.

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Sample Materials.

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Topics Covered.

1. Time management

  • Essential time management skills.
  • Practical tips and approaches.
  • What is time management?
  • Time as a commodity.
  • Time management habits, types of time, and the concept of estimating time.

2. Time management principles

  • Critical theories like the Spent Time Matrix and a Quadrant 2 Person.
  • Time-based management.
  • Time and resources.
  • Pre-analysis of performance, goals, and objectives.
  • The concept of systemization.

3. Productive work

  • The difference between productive work and busy work.

4. Crisis management

  • A definition of crisis management.
  • Poor crisis management and poor time management.

5. Planning and stress

  • Planning is a source of stress.
  • The use of prioritization to avoid disorder.
  • Rules for managing time.
  • How to handle emergencies.

6. Planning

  • The critical role that planning plays in managing time.
  • Critical approaches and concepts.
  • Time management systems and quality time.
  • Managing your phone.

7. Tips and techniques

  • The use of time logs.
  • Managing interruptions.



Your participants will:

  • Understand time management skills.
  • Understand a range of tools, techniques, and concepts.
  • Explore techniques that build a time management process.
  • Understand the benefits of an effective time management process.


What’s Included?

You get instant access to everything you need.

  • Workbook.
  • Slides.
  • 17 Free Training Games.
  • 17 Free Training Icebreakers.
  • 15 Practical Training Guides.
  • 2 Course Tests.
  • Activities/Exercises.
  • A Reading List.
  • A Course Advertorial.
  • An Action Plan.