Performance Appraisal Training


Teams will learn best practices for participating in personal appraisals – a practical approach to performance management.

All the training course material you need to teach single-day courses.

Audience: All types of employees.

Performance Appraisal Training Course Materials For Team-Building Courses And Workshops.

You can use our Performance Appraisal training material to provide your audience with a range of skills and techniques to conduct effective performance appraisals.

Our Performance Appraisal course material will teach your audience about how to streamline goal-setting, check-ins, feedback, and appraisals.

The Performance Appraisal training material can also be used to help your audience manage ongoing development conversations and unbiased evaluations to foster a culture of openness, growth, and accountability at all levels.

Learning Outcomes.

At the end of this performance appraisal training participants will:

  • Be able to identify obstacles to the development of performance appraisal skills.
  • Understand the nature of a performance appraisal.
  • Understand and use a range of techniques.
  • Be clear on the benefits of having a performance appraisal.


Topics Covered.

Here’s what is covered:

1. Performance appraisal systems

  • What are performance appraisal systems.
  • Performance appraisals within companies.
  • An effective performance appraisal procedure.
  • The different types of performance appraisals available.
  • The steps involved in a standard performance appraisal.
  • Why companies use performance management systems.

2. An effective performance appraisal process

  • How to participate within an appraisal system.
  • What people (e.g., managers and staff) need to do when participating in a performance appraisal cycle.
  • Areas that impact all observations or documentation of performance (e.g., production, sales, service, profits, and productivity).
  • How to focus on rewarding or recognizing existing and past performance.
  • The main areas for development.
  • How to introduce a performance review template.
  • How a manager can set performance or development objectives by applying the SMART criteria.
  • The advantages of strong communication skills.
  • How performance management skills impact roles.

3. Different types of performance appraisals

  • Various performance management approaches (e.g., 360-degree feedback skills).
  • Why people need time for preparation.
  • How people should go about writing an appraisal.

4. Steps involved in a standard performance appraisal

  • The steps involved in a performance appraisal.
  • How to communicate overall performance.
  • The fundamental aspects of an appraisal discussion.
  • How to manage criticism and feedback.


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