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Everyone seems to talk about performance management as being important but they often don’t know what a performance appraisal is really about.

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Why Is A Performance Appraisal So Important?

A performance appraisal is an evaluation of an employee’s job performance against a documented set of goals.

In addition, a performance appraisal, also known as performance evaluation or performance review, in organizations represents the cornerstone of a performance management system.

Traditional approaches to completing a performance appraisal have focused on three main objectives. First, that the appraisal is an opportunity to provide feedback to employees on their performance. Second, that the appraisal acts as a vehicle for changing behavior towards what would be seen as more desirable by the organization. And, thirdly to provide information for managers to help them allocate resources in the future.

One of the key goals of this pre-written performance appraisal training examines the latest strategies and organizational models on how a performance appraisal system is delivered, applied, and the skills required. Within the context of a performance review, and empowered with new awareness and skills, learners will return to their roles prepared to be actively involved within a performance appraisal process that will benefit their organization.

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Course Description

The aim of this training is to give learners a practical introduction to the use of a performance appraisal at work. It does not matter whether attendees are new or existing managers, supervisors, or line staff as the same learning can be applied to all roles within an organization.

Central to this training is a nuanced understanding of why and how companies use performance management systems to achieve organizational success.

Designed to be accessible for all categories of employees, learners will explore obstacles to performance appraisals.

In this training course, learners will learn how to implement an effective performance appraisal procedure.

Through engaging training material, discussion, and exercises, learners will also learn about the nature of a performance appraisal.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Identify obstacles to the development of performance appraisal skills.
  • Understand the nature of a performance appraisal.
  • Understand and use a range of techniques.
  • Explain the benefits of having a performance appraisal.

Course Overview

This course is a guide to performance appraisals within companies. The sections of this course will cover a progression of topics including performance appraisal systems, an effective performance appraisal procedure, different types of performance appraisals, and the steps involved in a standard performance appraisal.

There are 4 key sections in this training course.

1. Performance appraisal systems
At its simplest, a performance appraisal is an evaluation of an employee’s job performance against a documented set of goals.

In these introductory sections, participants will learn will develop a better awareness of the role of performance appraisals within organizations.

In particular, participants will be taking the first step toward understanding performance appraisal systems. This section will:

  • Share that a performance appraisal is a scheduled review of an employee’s performance.
  • Discuss that people still see recording sample employee comments on performance reviews as a chance for management to spy on staff.

Next, the training provided will:

  • Examine why companies utilize performance management systems.
  • Highlight that an assessment, or performance review, provides a pivotal identification of an employee’s contribution to the overall objectives of a company.

2. An effective performance appraisal process
A performance appraisal can be challenging for both managers and employees.  But, with an effective performance appraisal process, a lot of these challenges can be reduced. This section will:

  1. Share how to participate within an appraisal system.
  2. Examine what people (e.g., managers and staff) need to do when participating within a performance appraisal cycle.
  3. Outline an effective performance appraisal procedure.
  4. Discuss areas that impact all observations or documentation of performance (e.g., production, sales, service, profits, and productivity).

It is widely recognized that all stakeholders in a performance appraisal process, including managers and line staff, face common challenges when they make a commitment to engage within a performance management program.

The remainder of this section will help course participants to gain the skills necessary to actively participate in the performance appraisal program. And, this section will:

  • Focus on rewarding or recognizing existing and past performance – as well as highlighting areas for development.
  • Explore a performance review template.
  • Highlight how a manager can set performance or development objectives by applying the SMART criteria.
  • Navigate the advantages of strong communication skills
  • Gather feedback from your audience on how these skills may impact their roles.

3. Different types of performance appraisals
A performance appraisal process is crucial for individual and organizational success. In this section of the course, participants will take a deep dive into this area and will:

  • Examine various performance management approaches available to the organization (e.g., 360-degree feedback skills).
  • Focus on the need for preparation.
  • Discuss how to write an appraisal.

4. Steps involved in a standard performance appraisal
Some people might argue that a performance appraisal is just a way for management to check on employees. But even if that was the case for some inexperienced managers, a performance appraisal should be viewed differently. A performance appraisal needs to be viewed not as a technique but as a process involving both people and data, and as such the whole process is what is important.

The section aims to transfer the fundamental aspects of a standard performance appraisal and to generate the basic competencies necessary for an effective performance appraisal process.

In particular, this section will:

  • Highlight the steps involved in a performance appraisal.
  • Discuss how they should communicate their overall performance.
  • Explore fundamental aspects like the appraisal discussion.
  • Examine the need to manage criticism and feedback.

Who Needs Effective Performance Appraisal Skills?

  • Senior management that wants to strengthen their relationships with staff.
  • Managers, supervisors, and team leaders need performance appraisal skills to lead, manage and motivate their teams.
  • Administrative, support staff, and line staff that needs performance appraisal skills to maximize their engagement and participation within the organization.
  • HR professionals need performance appraisal skills to meet the needs of the departments that they support.
  • Project managers need performance appraisal skills to create more engagement and collaboration with their teams.
  • Organizational development professionals need performance appraisal skills to secure relationships and participation from all functions within the organization.
  • Consultants and independent contractors who are being asked to play a role in organizational initiatives.

What’s Included?

  • An 81 Page Instructor Guide
  • A 54 Page Participant Manual
  • 63 Customizable PowerPoint Slides
  • Training Games And Training Icebreakers
  • A Course Advertorial
  • Eight Pre-written Expert Training Guides
  • Customizable Exercises And Tests
  • Further Reading Lists

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