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There’s so much to organize and create when preparing content fora course on business basics. Frustration can often raise it’s head and make even the most expected content choices difficult.

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Learning Outcomes.

  • Understand how an organization can maximize returns.
  • Explore key activities that impact performance.
  • Understand the obstacles within organizations that exist.
  • Understand how business basics awareness can have a direct impact on success.


Business Basics – Sample Materials.

We use generic backgrounds so that you can rebrand the training course materials as your own.

Topics Covered.

1. Ten key areas

  • The business environment.
  • Dimensions of business design.
  • Change management skills.
  • Resistors of change.
  • Communication within companies.
  • Dimensions of business design.
  • Customer selection.
  • Value capture.
  • Differential and strategic control.
  • Scope.

2. How to market and sell products

  • Marketing and selling a product.
  • Marketing.
  • Competitors and sales.
  • Customer communication.

3. Innovation, quality, and continuous improvement

  • Key quality management metrics.
  • Innovation and continuous improvement.

4. Understanding the dynamic system

  • Highlighting the role of people, products, processes, and profits.


What’s In The Download.

Instant access to everything you need.

  • Workbook.
  • Slide Deck.
  • 17 Free Training Games.
  • 17 Free Training Icebreakers.
  • 15 Practical Training Guides.
  • 2 Course Tests.
  • Activities/Exercises.
  • A Reading List.
  • A Course Advertorial.
  • An Action Plan.

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