Find A Course That You’ll Love To Present

Overwhelmed by the thoughts of developing training courses from scratch?

Here’s an instant way that makes it all a whole lot easier.

Oak Innovation gives you brandable and customizable training course material that you can use to present your own training courses.

From instructor manuals to participant manuals, to Powerpoint slide decks and more, we make downloading the training content you’ll need easy.

Everything You Want From Training Course Material — And A Whole Lot More

Instructor Guides

With instructor guides on key courses, you’ll get to present training courses that your audience will love. 

Participant Manuals

With pre-written and customizable manuals, your courses will always meet the needs of your audience.

PowerPoint Decks

With customizable Powerpoint slide decks available, you can easily present a course that your audience will enjoy.

Games And Icebreakers

Practical training games and icebreakers will develop the skills needed by your audience.

Advertorial And Expert Guides

Oak Innovation provides a course advertorial and eight expert training guides for use within each course.

Bonus Course Material

Customizable exercises, further reading lists, and course evaluation forms are available within each digital download. 

What Makes Oak Innovation Different?

Get Content Faster

Instantly available training content enables you to do more. 

Present Content Easier

Present more training courses in more places with less effort. 

Find Content Made For You

Built to be rebranded to meet any training need. No experience is required.

Get Fully Customizable Courses

Make any changes to the course content that you want. 

Care For The Environment

Print only what you need.

Content Without Limits

Instruct as many people as you want. 

Content You Can Use Forever

One price – no additional fees or costs. 

Powerful Training Course Materials For Presenting Your Own Training Courses

  • Instantly available digital downloads make presenting your courses easy. You spend less time creating content and more time doing the things that you love.
  • Bring your brand to life. Just add your logo to professional, easy-to-present training course material and present the content as your own.
  • You save time and money. And, you get a toolkit of customizable training courses to present wherever you want.
  • No restrictions of use mean you can present the content wherever you want.
  • You get everything you need to present practical training courses at a fraction of the cost of other providers.
  • You get instant access to industry-developed content.
  • No experience required means anyone can present the courses.

The Freedom to Present What You Want, How You Want It

With our built-in customizable training course materials, you can present training courses using reusable and practical content – all without having to develop everything from scratch.

Oak Innovation’s instantly-available course content will make presenting your own courses easy. And with the ability to customise the content, everything can be easily delivered at a team or at a company level.

With Oak Innovation’s unique customizable training course material, you can easily deliver the content in any situation – giving you the flexibility to present a wide variety of training courses.

With a load of built-in-features and easy-to-present training content, you’ll be able to present a variety of training courses quicker and more cost-effectively.

Free Bonus Resources

We also offer a range of free training learning materials including free training games, free training icebreakers, and free sample training content.

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