Red Light Green Light Team Building: Tips For Successful Activities

Skills and fun guaranteed. 

Red light green light is a popular children’s game that can be adapted with free activities for team-building workshops.

The purpose of using red light green light activities in workshops is to energize participants, promote communication and coordination, and emphasize the importance of listening, responding quickly and the capacity to take negative feedback.

Special Offer

This activity requires participants to work together in sync, teaching them to pay close attention to each other’s verbal and non-verbal cues.

It highlights the need for clear instructions, signals and responses within a team.

Overall, it is an engaging and fun way to bring participants together.

Alternative free games available include the green glass door and the flag quiz.


  • Gather participants and have them form a horizontal line at one end of the room, facing the facilitator.
  • The facilitator stands opposite the group and calls out “Green light!” signaling participants to move towards them.
  • At any point, the facilitator will call out “Red light!” and participants must freeze immediately.
  • If the facilitator catches anyone still moving during “Red light”, that person must go back to the starting line.
  • The first person to tag the facilitator wins.

Cost and Resources

This activity requires no special equipment, just an open space. The cost is therefore minimal. We hear this from customers that regularly download our training course materials.

Time Required

10-15 minutes depending on the size of the group. More time may be needed for larger groups. `don’t forget to check out our guide on setting up a training room.

Number of Participants

Ideal for 10-30 participants. Can accommodate more participants with a larger space.

Best Suited For

People of all ages can participate in this activity. It works for any team looking to improve communication, listening and coordination.

Facilitator’s Role

The facilitator gives clear instructions, calls out “Green light” and “Red light”, watches for rule breakers, and declares the winner. They should change pace and timing of lights to keep participants engaged.

Participants’ Role

Listen closely to the facilitator, move quickly on “Green light” and freeze immediately on “Red light”. Work together to reach the facilitator first.

Reflection and Debrief

After the activity, have participants reflect and discuss:

  • How well did you listen and respond to signals?
  • What could improve your team coordination and sync?
  • How was the pace – too fast, too slow, or just right?
  • How can you apply this experience to workplace scenarios?


The red light green light activity brings energy and fun to team workshops. It emphasizes listening, communication, coordination and quick responses.

With minimal cost and resources needed, it is an engaging team-builder suitable for all ages and group sizes.

The debrief session allows participants to reflect on lessons that can be applied to real work situations.