Team Building Workshops: Perfect Square Activities

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Once you find yourself searching where to get activities for team-building workshops — you understand realize just how challenging it can be.

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For team-orientated options, it doesn’t get better than the perfect square rope activity.

The perfect square rope activity is a great team-building exercise to promote collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills in a group.


The purpose of the perfect square activity is to have the team work together to form squares of equal sizes using a limited number of resources.

This activity highlights the importance of planning, strategy, and teamwork in achieving goals.


  • Gather a set of ropes or strings of varying lengths. You will need enough ropes so that when tied together, multiple squares can be formed.
  • Split the participants into small teams of 4-6 people. Then, provide each team with an equal number of ropes.
  • Explain that the goal is for each team to use all their ropes to make as many perfect squares as possible. Remember, the squares must have equal side lengths. And, teams can cut or tie the ropes in any way.
  • Give the teams 10-15 minutes to complete the activity. Of course, they can plan and discuss strategies before starting.
  • After time is up, have each team present their squares and count the total number formed. The team with the most perfect squares wins.

Alternative team building activities include the square team, the blindfold rope square energizer, and the human chain.


The cost of this activity is low, requiring only rope or string which can be purchased in bulk. Budget $2-5 per participant. We hear this from customers that regularly download our training course materials.

Resources Needed

  • Various lengths of rope or string (enough for multiple squares per team).
  • Scissors for cutting rope.
  • Tape or fasteners for securing rope.

Time Required

  • Explanation of activity: 5 minutes.
  • Team planning: 5 minutes.
  • Activity: 10-15 minutes.
  • Debrief: 10-15 minutes.
  • Total: 30-45 minutes.

Number of Participants

  • 4-6 people per team.
  • Can accommodate any total number by adjusting team sizes.

Best Suited For

  • All team members at any level. Promotes collaboration between cross-functional teams.

Facilitator’s Role

  • Explain the activity and rules.
  • Divide people into teams.
  • Distribute rope materials.
  • Time the activity.
  • Lead debrief and discussion.

Participants’ Role

  • Strategize with team on how to best create squares.
  • Cut, tie, and secure rope pieces.
  • Work collaboratively to form as many equal squares as possible.

Debrief Questions

  • What strategies did you use to create the squares?
  • How did you decide which roles each person took?
  • What challenges did you face? How did you overcome them?
  • What communication methods helped your team be successful?
  • How can you apply the lessons from this activity to your real work?


The perfect square activity teaches valuable skills like planning, communication, creative problem-solving and can help to support an inclusive workplace culture. It provides a fun and interactive way for teams to bond and work on collaborative skills.

The activity can be easily customized based on group size and requires minimal resources, making it ideal for most team workshops.