Team Building Activities To Reduce Stress At Work

Team building activities are exercises, games or events that bring team members together to accomplish a shared goal or task. They can help strengthen relationships, improve communication, and reduce stress in the workplace.

Background on Team Building to Reduce Stress

Workplace stress is very common and can negatively impact productivity, morale, and health. Some sources of stress include heavy workloads, unclear expectations, office politics, lack of control, and work-life imbalance. Team building activities can be an effective way to alleviate stress by:

  • Promoting collaboration and bonding between team members
  • Encouraging open communication and strengthening relationships
  • Providing opportunities for fun, humor and creativity
  • Reinforcing shared goals and values
  • Helping prevent and resolve conflicts
  • Fostering trust, respect and inclusivity

Team Building Activities to Reduce Stress

There are many types of team building activities that can help reduce stress:

  • Icebreakers – Quick, lighthearted activities to break the ice and get to know each other better. Examples: Two truths and a lie, scavenger hunts, trivia games.
  • Communication exercises – Improve listening, empathy, trust and conflict resolution. Examples: Blind drawing, storytelling, role playing.
  • Problem solving activities – Work together to solve puzzles, brain teasers, or physical challenges.
  • Volunteering events – Contribute time and effort to a good cause as a team. Examples: Serving meals, cleaning up parks.
  • Recreational activities – Have fun together through sports, games, competitions. Examples: Bowling, mini golf, relay races.

The Value of Team Building for Stress Reduction

Implementing team building activities can provide many benefits for reducing stress:

  • Improves relationships and communication between team members
  • Creates a more positive, collaborative work environment
  • Promotes a sense of belonging and inclusion
  • Provides a creative outlet to have fun and blow off steam
  • Reinforces shared mission and values of the team
  • Strengthens trust, respect and support among colleagues

Tips for Using Team Building to Reduce Stress

Here are 5 tips for effectively using team building to combat workplace stress:

  1. Get leadership buy-in – Make sure managers support and participate in activities.
  2. Schedule regular activities – Consistency is key, not just one-off events.
  3. Tailor activities – Cater to your team’s needs and interests.
  4. Make it fun – Incorporate humor, creativity and a spirit of play.
  5. Be inclusive – Ensure all team members feel welcomed and valued.

Example Strategies

Here are 5 example strategies for team building activities to reduce stress:

  1. Start meetings with an icebreaker activity to get everyone relaxed and communicating.
  2. Take lunchtime walks together around the block to get fresh air and exercise.
  3. Organize a volunteering event at a local charity to give back.
  4. Set up a ping pong or foosball table in the office for quick breaks.
  5. Plan a fun team outing like mini golf, escape room, or cooking class.


Implementing thoughtful team building activities on a regular basis can help reduce workplace stress. They bring team members together, foster positive relationships, improve communication, and reinforce a sense of shared purpose. This leads to greater collaboration, innovation, and productivity. Team building is an impactful strategy that offers many benefits for both employees and organizations.