Ubuntu Cards For Team Building Workshops

Ubuntu Cards are a great activity for team building workshops. They help foster understanding, connection and unity between team members. The principles of Ubuntu represent our shared humanity – that we need each other to exist and thrive. This activity brings teams together by having them share stories and find common ground.

Instructions for the Activity

Materials Needed:

  • Ubuntu Card deck – one for each participant. This consists of 54 cards with words related to universal human values and experiences.

Time Required:

  • 1-2 hours

Number of Participants:

  • 5-15 people

Best Suited For:

  • All team members at any level. Works for established teams, as well as new teams.

Facilitator’s Role:

  • Pass out card decks to each person. Have them go through the deck and choose 2 cards that represent values important to them. Give 5-10 minutes for card selection.
  • In rounds, have each person share why they picked those cards and what they mean to them. The facilitator should model vulnerability by going first.
  • After each person shares, others can chime in on if they also picked those cards and why. Look for themes and commonalities.

Participant’s Role:

  • Review all the Ubuntu cards. Choose 2 that resonate with your values.
  • Take turns sharing your 2 cards, why you picked them, and what they mean to you.
  • Actively listen to others’ shares. Find common ground in values.

Reflection and Debrief

  • What common themes did you notice in the values we chose?
  • How did this help you understand your team members better?
  • How can we apply what we learned to strengthen our team?

Use open-ended debrief questions to have the team reflect on the activity and discuss takeaways.


Ubuntu Cards create an engaging team building activity that brings people together. The sharing of values and finding common ground leads to greater understanding, connection and unity across team members. This activity can be done regularly with different card selections to continue strengthening relationships.