Virtual Team Building Bingo: Building Connections Remotely

Virtual team building bingo is a fun interactive game that can be played remotely to bring team members together, build connections, and foster teamwork.

It is a variant of traditional bingo adapted for the virtual workplace.

Background on Virtual Team Building Bingo

Virtual team building bingo is a relatively new concept that emerged out of the need for remote teams to bond and collaborate.

With more teams working remotely, traditional in-person team building activities are not always feasible.

Virtual team building games provide an easy online solution to build rapport, morale, and relationships between team members in a remote setting.

Maximizing Virtual Team Building Bingo

There are several ways to maximize the impact of virtual team building games bingo:

  • Make it a recurring event (e.g. monthly) to continually strengthen relationships
  • Keep groups small (4-6 people) to allow for deeper connections
  • Use video conferencing rather than audio-only for more engagement
  • Incorporate personal facts/stories into bingo cards to facilitate sharing
  • Offer fun prizes like gift cards or lunch delivery to increase participation
  • Get leadership involved to underscore the importance of team building

When to Use Virtual Team Building Bingo

Ideal times to use virtual team building bingo include:

  • Onboarding new team members
  • After team changes or restructures
  • To boost morale and reconnect teams
  • As an ongoing team building activity

The Value of Virtual Team Building Bingo

Virtual team building bingo activities provide many benefits, including:

  • Increasing communication and collaboration – Interacting in the game requires teamwork.
  • Facilitating relationship building – Learning personal facts about teammates leads to deeper connections.
  • Boosting morale and engagement – The fun nature releases stress and energizes employees.
  • Promoting inclusivity – Online play allows remote team members to join in easily.
  • Developing trust – Completing activities together builds mutual respect and understanding.

Features and Benefits of Virtual Team Building Bingo

Key features of virtual team building bingo include:

  • Easy accessibility – No special tools needed, just video software and shared bingo cards.
  • Quick setup – Bingo cards can be generated instantly online.
  • Interactive play – Teammates collaborate and share stories to complete activities.
  • Adaptability – Game play and card content can be customized.

Benefits include:

  • Enhanced communication, collaboration, and connectivity.
  • Strengthened working relationships and inclusivity.
  • Increased employee morale, productivity, and engagement.

5 Tips for Virtual Team Building Bingo

Here are 5 tips to maximize virtual team building bingo:

1. Use icebreaker questions – Include get-to-know-you questions to spark conversations.

2. Incorporate inside jokes – Include humorous items that relate to your team culture.

3. Offer prizes – Small prizes incentivize participation and increase excitement.

4. Set time limits – Keep games under 30 minutes to maintain energy.

5. Repeat regularly – Consistency develops stronger relationships over time.

5 Virtual Team Building Bingo Activity Examples

1. Virtual Coffee BingoGet to know teammate icebreakersers over a virtual coffee.

2. Scavenger Hunt Bingo – Find silly items and show them on camera.

3. Trivia Bingo – Answer trivia questions about your company or industry.

4. Online Escape Room – Work together to solve puzzles and “escape” breakout rooms.

5. Virtual Happy Hour – Bond with coworkers while playing bingo online.

Step-by-Step Instructions for 5 Activities

1. Virtual Coffee Bingo

Overview: Teammates enjoy virtual coffee together while playing bingo and sharing fun facts about themselves.

Cost: Free to low-cost. Optional small prizes.

Resources Needed: Video conferencing platform, online bingo card generator, beverages.

Best For: New teams, onboarding, icebreakers.


  1. Generate bingo cards with icebreaker facts and questions.
  2. Hop on a video call with your beverage and bingo card.
  3. Take turns sharing a fact about yourself from your card.
  4. Cross off squares as teammates share matching facts.
  5. First to complete a row or pattern wins!

2. Scavenger Hunt Bingo

Overview: Teammates search their work environment for silly items on their bingo card.

Cost: Free

Resources Needed: Video conferencing, online bingo cards, household items.

Best For: Energizing teams, spurring creativity, fun competition.


  1. Create scavenger hunt bingo cards with pictures of items that can be found at home.
  2. Start a video call and share your cards on-screen.
  3. Race to find items on your card and show them to the team.
  4. Cross off found items and yell “Bingo!” when you complete a row.
  5. First person to find all items wins!

3. Trivia Bingo

Overview: Answer trivia questions about your company while playing bingo.

Cost: Free

Resources Needed: Video call, online bingo cards, list of trivia questions.

Best For: Reinforcing company knowledge, culture building, team bonding.


  1. Create bingo cards with trivia questions related to your company history, values, etc.
  2. Host a video call and share your bingo cards.
  3. Take turns asking trivia questions and have teammates unmute to answer.
  4. If correct, cross off that question on your card.
  5. First to complete a row or pattern wins!

4. Online Escape Room

Overview: Work together to solve puzzles and escape virtual breakout rooms.

Cost: $10-$30 per person for access to games.

Resources Needed: Video call, online escape room platform.

Best For: Problem-solving, teamwork, communication, fun competition.


  1. Select an online escape room game and purchase team access.
  2. Review game instructions and form a video call.
  3. Log in to the game portal together when it starts.
  4. Work together to solve puzzles, find clues, and escape the rooms!

5. Virtual Happy Hour

Overview: Bond with coworkers while playing bingo during a virtual happy hour.

Cost: Free to low-cost if providing drinks or prizes.

Resources Needed: Video call, bingo cards, beverages.

Best For: Fun social time, relationship building, unwinding.


  1. Make some fun bingo cards with happy hour themes, jokes, etc.
  2. Set up a video call during or after work hours.
  3. Grab your favorite beverage and play a few rounds of bingo!
  4. Share laughs and make connections. Offer prizes if desired.


In summary, virtual team building bingo and icebreakers are an engaging and effective way to facilitate stronger relationships, communication, morale and inclusivity across remote teams. We hear this from customers that regularly use of our training course materials.

With some preparation and creativity, these activities can connect employees through fun, interactive gameplay using readily available video conferencing tools.

Remember, consistent efforts create lasting team cohesion.