Gift Ideas For Team Building

Team building activities are designed to improve communication, problem-solving skills, and relationships between coworkers. Giving gifts can be a fun way to facilitate team building and boost morale. This guide will provide an overview of gift ideas for team building and how to use them effectively.


  • Team building: Activities designed to improve teamwork, communication, trust, and problem solving skills.
  • Gift ideas: Physical items given to coworkers to facilitate bonding and improve morale.

Background on Gift Ideas for Team Building

Giving gifts has long been a tradition for showing appreciation, creating connections, and facilitating team bonding. Thoughtful gifts given in the context of team building can strengthen relationships, boost morale, and lead to improved collaboration. The act of gift giving triggers positive emotions and a sense of gratitude, which facilitates trust and connection.

Value of Gift Ideas for Team Building

There are many benefits to using gift ideas for team building activities:

  • Improves morale – Thoughtful gifts make employees feel valued and appreciated which improves job satisfaction.
  • Facilitates bonding – The act of giving and receiving gifts creates a sense of gratitude and connection.
  • Boosts communication – Discussing gift ideas together facilitates conversations and relationships.
  • Creates memories – Gifts can commemorate shared experiences and team accomplishments.
  • Shows appreciation – Gifts demonstrate that management cares about employees.

Tips for Using Gift Ideas for Team Building

Here are 5 tips to help you effectively use gift ideas for team building:

  1. Get input on gift ideas – Ask employees for suggestions to ensure gifts will be appreciated.
  2. Make it personal – Consider employees’ personalities, hobbies, and interests when selecting gifts.
  3. Consider budget – Gifts do not need to be extravagant to make an impact. Focus on thoughtful gestures.
  4. Make it voluntary – Do not pressure employees to participate if they are uncomfortable.
  5. Present gifts openly – Have a team gathering where gifts can be given publicly to facilitate bonding.

Examples of Gift Ideas for Team Building

Here are 5 example gift ideas that can facilitate team building:

  • Customized notebooks or pens – With the team name or logo to facilitate team identity.
  • Team apparel – Matching t-shirts, hats, or jackets to unite the team.
  • Experiential gifts – Tickets to a game, show, or activity the team can enjoy together.
  • Food gifts – Assortments of snacks, baked goods, or gift cards to favorite restaurants.
  • Personalized desktop items – Calendars, frames, or mugs with photos of the team.


Giving thoughtful gifts can facilitate team building by boosting morale, creating connections, and strengthening relationships between coworkers. Consider employees’ interests and preferences when selecting gifts. Present the gifts openly at a team gathering to maximize the bonding experience. With creativity and input from the team, gift giving can be an impactful team building activity.