In general, business training materials take time to develop.

Especially, if you want practical materials. And, content that is easy to deliver.

With this in mind, we offer training products. And, corporate trainers and managers use them to train others. In particular, materials that will keep costs down. And, will reduce any development time.


Why Not Download Your Own Training Library?

No matter your need, our products work. Plus, they are easy to deliver. And, are practical to use. Not to mind, being easy to edit.

Who Uses Our Training Library?

Our customers come from a wide range of areas. Not to mind from just about every type of role. Most are corporate trainers. And others are business managers, supervisors and consultants.

What Are Training Materials?

In general, training materials are what you need to deliver a course. For example, they include slides. And, manuals. Plus, icebreakers and games. Not to mind, exercises and tests. And, anything else that will help you to deliver a course.

What Will You Receive?

We make training easy for everyone! For example, you get powerpoint slides. Together with manuals. As well as, exercises and course tests. And, you’ll also get guides.

In addition, you’ll get all source files. And, all materials can be edited. Get approximately 8 hours of content with each course. That way, we make it easy for you.

All you have to do is select the course(s) you want.

Then, download the materials.

And, start training others today!

Additional Free Benefits

In the first place you get our permission to add your own logos. And, to deliver the material as your own. In addition, you get unlimited rights to use where, when and as often as required. Finally we also give you permission to customize the material where required,

Together, let’s explore the course materials we offer.

How To Run Your Own Personal Development Courses?

In effect, you can run personal development courses using our materials.

How To Teach Staff About Change Management?
Generally speaking, change management materials take time to develop. To say nothing of being costly to create. For this reason, we offer change management materials. And, also courseware on change leadership.

Delivering Your Own Problem Solving And Decision Making
There may be a lot of reasons why you are looking to offer these courses. And, we make it easy to train staff. Especially, if you want content that is easy to deliver. First, you can download a course onproblem solving! Plus, we make it simple to train staff about decision making.

How To Teach Staff About Project Management?
In general, it takes longer to write a project management course than you might think. Fortunately, Oak Innovation offers materials you can download. First, we offer course materials on project management. Second, you can get technical report writing content. And, lastly we offer facilitation skills training materials.

Delivering Your Own Teamworking Training Sessions
On the whole, team working courses are an important resource. However, materials can take time to develop. We’ve solved this problem. And, offer you team-working materials. And, also courseware to run a group dynamics course.

How To Deliver Your Own Customer Driven Training Courses?

The Customer Driven Organization
Looking for customer driven business training materials? Relax, and we’ll take care of everything for you.

In fact, we offer five sets of business training materials in this space. And, we’ve got content on customer relationship management and the customer driven organization. As well as conflict management. And, effective complaint handling. Finally, we offer courseware to run a negotiation skills course.

Materials To Deliver Your Sales Training Courses
Do you want sales training course materials? Do you want to learn how to get these training materials? Especially without having to spending hours developing them? Well, we can give you access to two sets of of training courseware. For example, the first course focuses on selling. And the second is on telesales right now.

Do You Want To Offer More Personal Productivity Courses?

It’s easy, just download our courseware!

Download Course Materials To Deliver Your Own Personal Productivity Courses
On balance, personal productivity training materials can be daunting to develop. Not only do you need the right content. On top of that, you’ll also have to find time to develop them. And, if your schedule is already busy, you mightn’t have the time.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution. In particular, you can get course materials on time management. Plus, you can train others about personal productivity. Finally, you can download courseware to deliver your own effective meetings training course.

Do You Want To Deliver Leadership Courses?

Get Your Own Leadership Development Training Course Materials
Overall, developing leadership training course materials can be hard. Not to mind being very costly to do. Fortunately, we provide four sets of leadership training materials. The first set can be used to teach others about leadership. The second set of courseware focuses on leadership and delegation. The third set covers leadership and influence. And finally, the last is designed to teach new managers.

How To Teach Staff About Strategic Management?
Do you want to deliver your own courses? If yes, we offer the following content. Simply, choose your materials. And, download everything you’ll need.

Currently, we offer three set of training products. And, the first materials will train staff about
strategic measurement. By the same token, the second set can be used to offer a strategic management course. And, the last set will teach others about strategy, leadership & culture.

How To Train Others About Human Resource Management?

For the most part, courses about HRM take time to create. And, if you are pressed for a time, this is effort that you could use elsewhere.

Do You Want To Teach Human Resource Management Courses?
After all, you’re not alone. With this in mind, Oak Innovation offers three sets of materials. The first can be used to train staff about recruitment and selection. The second will help you to teach a human resource management course. And, finally you can train an interviewing skills course.

How To Teach Your Own Performance Management Courses?
Overall, writing performance appraisal courseware takes time. Fortunately, Oak Innovation offers two sets of products in this area. The first is on performance appraisals. And, the second can be used to train others on 360 degree feedback.

How To Run Your Own Job Analysis And Job Design Courses?
It’s important to know that job analysis training course materials can be hard to find. And, so can job design course materials. Fortunately, we’ve done that hard work for you.

Get Employee Wellness Business Training Materials
On the whole, developing practical employee wellness materials can take time. Luckily, we course materials on stress management. Plus, materials on employee absenteeism. We also offer content on interpersonal skills. Finally, we offer materials on employee motivation.

How To Deliver Organizational Development Courses?

That’s easy, just use our content!

In our view, there are only a few types of courses needed. And, your participants should easily understand the material. Plus they should be able to find what they need to know quickly. And, it should be simple!

Choosing The Right Organizational Development Training Courses
In short, creating these materials takes time. And, if you rush, you might not get what you want. Fortunately, Oak Innovation offers four sets of organisational development course materials. The first set of courseware can be used to train staff about organizational behavior. The second set focuses on organizational culture. The third set can be used to train staff about organizational issues. And, the last will teach staff about organizational structure.

Get Business Training Materials On Quality Management

And, we want you to meet your customers training needs. To do this, we design our content to be practical. After all, quality management training materials take time to develop. Fortunately, you can download three sets from us. All are instantly available. And, easy to deliver. To say nothing of keeping your costs down. And, saving on your development time.

For example, with these materials you can run an auditing course. Also, a benchmarking course. To say nothing of quality management courses.

How To Train Staff About Excellence?

The first thing to remember is to think before you start writing. And, use our business training materials to train others. The first set focuses on the excellent organization. The second set can be used to train staff about the work organization. And, the final set can be used to deliver a course about enterprise dynamics.

Get Additional Business Training Materials

Do You Want To Train Others To Perform A Training Needs Analysis?
If so, just download training needs analysis materials. After all, we’ve done the hard work for you. and, you get materials that you can deliver

Learn How To Teach Staff About Coaching And Mentoring
Some topics are easier to write about. But coaching and mentoring course materials take time. If you want to deliver your own coaching/mentoring course, then we have a great solution. And, if you are serious about training others, you should make a plan for your content. To say nothing of being able to save time. Make sure to use our content if you want to deliver great content that works. And, you’ll also get 14 bonus handouts.

Do You Want Marketing Training Materials?
For many people, it’s difficult to start writing a course. Then, there is the whole problem of finding the time. If this sounds like you, we have a great solution for you. And, that’s why we exist.

Plus, you get to download our marketing course. To illustrate, you’ll get a participant manual. And, powerpoint slides. Together with exercises. In addition, you’ll get course tests and guides.

Get Presentation Skills To Run Your Own Course
It’s simple. And, you’ll get presentation skills material to train others. Plus, everything is easy to deliver. As well as, easy to edit. In other words, zero effort.

How To Teach Staff About Competencies
In general, creating competencies courseware is hard. First thing to remember is the more relevant the content is, the more practical it will be to deliver. But, we’ve solved this. As, you get to download our business training materials.

Ask about our business training materials. And, pricing. Plus, any delivery questions. Our highly trained staff are standing by. And, are always ready to help.