Free coaching and mentoring training course materials

These course materials contain the latest advice and best practices in the area of coaching and mentoring.

A core part of the course materials experience is a 20-page scripted facilitator manual which will guide you on the delivery of this course.

Also included are 60 powerpoint slides that will make it easier to deliver this course. And, they will also save you time and effort.

We’re excited to also provide a 70-page participant manual. This has been created in Microsoft Word for easy customization. And, it also contains all exercises, tests and further reading required for the course.

We’ve also included 14 Bonus Expert Training Guides that will help you deliver this course as your own.

In total, you’ll get around 8 hours of content to deliver each course.

Bonus free handouts and templates complete the free course materials that you can download instantly.

Learn how you can download these free course materials.

Free time management training course materials

We all know how important it is to manage our time more effectively. Each day so many things are competing for our attention. But many of us can use a little bit of help to manage our time better.

Whether you want to provide a full day’s course or smaller breakout sessions, you’ll have everything that you’ll need.

Learning objectives
You’ll get content to teach others to:

Understand time management.
Understand a range of tools, techniques and concepts.
Use these techniques to build a time management process.
Explain the benefits of an effective time management process.

What’s included
74 Powerpoint Slides
53 Page Participant Manual
14 Free Expert Training Guides

Learn how you can download these free course materials.

Do even more with training slides
Get instant access to our customizable training slides.

Give a complete experience with our manuals
All facilitator and participant manuals can be easily edited using Microsoft. This means you can even add your own logos.

Deliver more relevant participant experiences
Keep people engaged with focused course exercises and expert guides to create better results for your audience.

Extra free training resources

Easy to use tools will enable you to spend less time developing training materials and more time delighting your audience. We are delighted to provide free training icebreakers and training games that you can use to run your own courses.

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