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What you’ll get:

  • 53-page participant manual
  • 74 powerpoint slides
  • Practical exercises
  • Further reading
  • Course evaluation form
  • Action plan

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  • Instantly download all training course material
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How to deliver a training course on time management skills. Join the ranks of Apple and Carlsberg

In a world full of items competing for our time, there are so many people just trying to “sell stuff” and not enough suggesting “How they can solve our challenges of managing time?” or “How they actually give us more value?”

In our continued effort to offer more value, here’s how you can get time management skills training content, faster and at a fraction of the price of developing course content from scratch.

Think of it as an instant way to offer the successful time management training courses that you want to deliver.

Now let’s see how this training material can be delivered in real life.

You want to be the best. The all-in-one download to get there is here.

If you’re a corporate trainer or business manager and you want to increase the range of training courses you can deliver, start by downloading this content.

Our training content makes it easy to convert customer needs into incredible training courses. We encourage you to add your logo and even company-specific examples to offer content that is simple and easy to deliver.

Swipe through sample training course material from this training course.

How to deliver this amazing training course

This time management skills training course focuses on the challenges faced by line-staff, human resource professionals, general managers, and senior executives wishing to improve their time management skills.

Now stay with us for a minute as we explore the most important themes and turn them into actionable value for when you’re delivering this training course.

The first tip is that your audience is the only reason why you need excellent content. In a world where everyone is busy, your course material must deliver value, be practical, and meet their expectations.

Next, your audience wants relevant and exciting content. When you know what will meet their needs, you’ll be able to make informed decisions around areas to share, the application of exercises, and what will generate traction. This is something we frequently hear from clients with personal productivity training needs.

The next tip is that when it comes to the detail, this course material explores how to manage time effectively. For best results, you should explore how to manage time better and how to avoid procrastination. To keep your audience engaged, use the content also to instruct your audience on how to set SMART goals.

Whether you want to deliver a full day’s course or smaller breakout sessions, you’ll have everything that you’ll need.

Let’s explore how you can present this course content.

Learning objectives

If you are looking for content to present your own training course on time management skills, this is the course material for you. And, you don’t have to be an experienced business trainer to get results like a pro.

What you’ll get:

  • 53-page participant manual
  • 74 powerpoint slides
  • Practical exercises
  • Further reading
  • Course evaluation form
  • Action plan

At the end of this training course your participants will be able to:

– Understand time management.
– Understand a range of tools, techniques, and concepts.
– Use these techniques to build a time management process.
– Explain the benefits of an effective time management process.

Course outline

In an effort to provide you with as much value as possible, we’re going to show you how we would use the content provided to deliver the key sections of this training course.

Time management – Managing our time is one of the underlying areas within most corporate training programs. We’ve learned that no one can simply hand an audience these skills. They may try, but in real terms, it can some time to perfect these skills. That said, there are practical tips and robust approaches that can be shared and which will deliver positive outcomes.

For most people, especially those with poor time management skills, it’s vital to find the right skills. The course begins by exploring what time management is. The whole idea here is that there are lots of useful and practical ways to manage time better. At the most fundamental level, you can use the materials to share how to view time as a commodity. The goal here is to better inform your audience on various habits, types of time, and the concept of estimating time.

Remember, it’s vital never to lose sight of the course objectives listed below.

Time management principles – These principles provide a window into time management techniques. Fundamental principles fall into several distinct categories. To illustrate, this section of the course discusses critical theories like the Spent Time Matrix and A Quadrant 2 Person. Make sure you use the content to look at time-based management and how your audience should focus on time and resources. Next, use the content to examine the pre-analysis of performance, goals, and objectives. The section ends with a discussion of systemization.

Productive Work – We all need to be productive at times in our lives. Otherwise, how else could we manage time successfully? At this stage in the course, you must examine productive work versus busy work. You may want to add a company or industry-specific examples to further ground learning. Be sure to take your time and, wherever possible, encourage feedback from your audience.

Crisis management – Crisis management has become something of a buzzword in the business community. For our purposes here, we link poor crisis management with poor time management.

Often there is not enough time to deal with the crisis. This situation is usually then compounded by the stress that is caused by the change. And the belief that there is a need to react to emergencies.

Many companies and individuals operate in a constant state of crisis reaction, which generates greater unpredictability within the company and a negatively charged and stressful work environment. While people experience a crisis, they need to know how to respond.

Better planning will reduce stress. As a result, this section considers proactive versus reactive work, why emergencies occur, and how to prevent a disaster. Use the content to explore the primary aim of prioritization is to avoid disorder. Use the content to examine rules for managing time and how to handle emergencies.

Planning – Planning is an essential activity for time management to be successful. A great way to share this knowledge with your audience is to use the content provided to review what is a plan, the use of information, and planning. For best results, use the materials to examine time management systems.

If you decide to follow the content as provided, we suggest that you can add value by sharing your personal experiences. On top of that, it will also encourage greater engagement. Engaged audience members will benefit from your experiences, and you’re getting your audience to take on-board what you’re sharing.

Now more than ever, can your audience will benefit from better about goals and use of a time-span. With that in mind, use the content to look at the notion of quality time. And, the simple but essential area of managing your phone.

Tips and techniques – The course concludes by discussing some of the critical aspects of any successful time management approach. A vital part of the content explores approaches like time logs, documents, and managing interruptions. With that in mind, use the content to look at the notion of quality time. And, the simple but essential area of managing your phone.

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This training course material on time management skills can be downloaded immediately after checkout.

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Because we want you to be the best

You have a story to tell, a business course to deliver, and experiences to share. These things are important to us also.

We shrink the process of creating training content so that you can deliver training courses that your audience will both learn from and will be excited to attend.

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We thank them for the excellent materials that they have prepared. A little permitted company-specific customization by us was enough to present a virtually perfect training session in our company. After this test, we ordered another ten modules – quickly and conveniently. Also, I received an incredibly excellent service with a personal touch to the client-specific requirements.”

Sylvia Stoyanova
Human Resource Manager

“I have been using several Oak courses for quite some time. These materials are a well-structured series relevant to today’s HR professional. Information is well organized and easy to understand. Overall a welcome addition to any HR managers toolkit.”

Bernard Cronin
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“I could not be more pleased with the products I purchased and the service that accompanied it. I must admit when I saw the price tag, I wondered about the depth of the content, and I must tell you I was 1,000% impressed. We’ve purchased two modules thus far and plan to buy others soon. The customer service was outstanding, and modules were delivered straight away) I’ve been in the training business for a long time, and I can honestly say this is some of the best material I’ve seen and the price is outstanding.

Thank you for providing such a valuable service to those of us working front-line training and development!”

Loretta Thirtyacre
Manager, Corporate Training and Development,
COUNTRY Insurance and Financial Services, Illinois, US

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From global corporations to individual training professionals and business managers, we partner with people on their journey to deliver more types of training courses. This is why we do what we do.

Whether you’re just starting out or well used to delivering training courses, Oak Innovation has everything you need to meet the needs of your audience, engage participants, save you time, and ensure successful courses.

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