Materials To Deliver A Course In Team Working Skills


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Getting training materials to deliver a course in team working skills is really straightforward. When you’ve selected the course in team working skills, your course materials will automatically be sent to you.

And, every time we provide these materials we get excited to share that we allow customers to customize the content as required. This means is that you can add your own content to this course. And, deliver the course in team working skills as your own.

Most importantly, this content will allow you to instruct your participants to work together. And, it will help them to improve their communication skills.

How it works

Use this content to instruct your audience about team development. And, use the materials to train your participants about the main obstacles to effective teams working. Participants will also learn about the main stages of team development.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this training course in team working writing skills, your participants will be able to:

– Identify the main obstacles to effective team working skills.
– Understand the nature of the team formation process.
– Understand the components needed for a high-performance team to operate.
– Use these components to build a team.
– Explain the benefits of developing effective team working skills.

Course overview

The following topics are covered within the slides, manuals and support materials provided for this course in team working skills.

What is a team? – These course materials start by exploring the differences between groups and teams. Use the course materials to look at various types and characteristics of teams. Next, the content focuses on the stages of team formation, roles and responsibilities. And, this section concludes with a discussion on the role of ambiguity and interdependence.

Models of team-working – This section concentrates on team balance and autonomy. It explores levels of communication and the media available. Particular attention is given to communication barriers and emotional intelligence.

High Performance Teams – The course materials then offer detail on maintaining a high-performance team. Focus is given to overcoming low performance. And, the section ends by looking at aspects like motivation, diversity and leadership.

Managing expectations – The remainder of the course content explores the causes of conflict. And, you can use the content to focus on how to lead a high-performance team.

What you receive

Use these training course materials to deliver a course in team working skills. You will receive a 56-page customizable participant manual. This has been created in Microsoft Word for easy customization. And, it also contains all exercises, tests and further reading required.

The support materials also include 88 Powerpoint slides for easy delivery.

Also available are 14 Expert Training Guides that have been created to assist in the delivery of this course.


“I have been using a number of Oak materials for quite some time. I found the content great with comprehensive details

This is a well-structured series relevant to today’s HR professional. Information is well organized and easy to understand. Having the information available online speeds up cycle time and increases flexibility. Overall a welcome addition to any HR managers toolkit.”

Bernard Cronin
Director of Human Resources

“The sample module I obtained motivated me to purchase the entire set of 52! I immediately saw the value in being able to customize the materials to fit my audience, and provide my clients with a choice of format (Powerpoint, Word, PDF). The attachments arrived in a timely fashion and were easy to access. I recommend these products to other coaches, trainers and consultants who want an easy way to save hours of time and have presentations they can customize and call their own.”

Dr. James S. Vuocolo,
Master Certified Business & Personal Coach

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