Materials To Deliver A Course In Recruitment And Selection




We designed this content so you can deliver a course on ‘recruitment and selection’. And, your audience will learn about biases in selection. Plus, about different types of interview questions.

Use the content to teach your participants about psychometric testing. Plus, get the formulas needed to measure recruitment.

These formulae include hit rate, hire ratio, and quality of hire. Similarly, they cover interview time and source cost per hire ratios.

Not to mind, interviewing cost and recruiter effectiveness. As well as source cost per hire per interview. Uniquely, all equations relate to real world examples.

Learning Objectives

Plus, you’ll get content to teach others to:

– Understand the importance of recruitment.
– Identify the outcomes of the selection decision.
– Detail the main biases that can occur during the selection process.
– Introduce an effective recruitment process.
– Understand different types of interview questions.
– Discuss applications of psychometric testing within the recruitment process.
– Measure the recruitment process.

Course Overview

Recruitment – The course begins by examining the Selection Decision, Reliability And Validity and Biases In Selection.

The Recruitment Process – The content examines a simple recruitment process:

– Job Analysis
– Source Candidates
– The Recruitment Interview
– Types of Interview Questions
– Identifying Skills
– Psychometric Testing
– Reference Checking
– Making An Offer

How To Measure Recruitment – This section focuses a series of equations that will allow your participants to measure the effectiveness of their recruitment efforts. These include:

– Hit Rate
– Hire Ratio
– Quality of Hire
– Interview Time
– Source Cost Per Hire Ratios
– Interviewing Cost
– Recruiter Effectiveness
– Source Cost Per Hire Per Interview

What’s Included

87 Powerpoint Slides.

55 Page Participant Manual.

14 Free Expert Training Guides.


“As with every program I’ve purchased from your company, this one is comprehensive, detailed, indepth. It gives me more than I need to conduct multiple trainings

Thank you, again, for your awesome products.”

Christy Crump, President, Crump & Associates, LLC

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