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Are you to deliver your own training courses about organizational structure? Get started with these training course materials

Do you ever wish you could deliver your own course on organizational structure? That’s the logic behind our training materials.

Use our course materials to provide your participants with a solid introduction on the types of structures that can be found within organizations. Next, share what underpins these structures. Plus, discuss the division of labor. And, how this can impact on an organization.

What you need to know about delivering these training course materials

Anyone in a position of managing or leading others will benefit from attending a course on organizational structure.

This training course will help your participants to focus on structures within organizations. And, will provide them with a clear picture as to why these structures exist. The content will encourage participants to explore key concepts through practical exercises and various management theories.

Course outline

The following topics are covered within the slides, manuals and support materials provided.

Introduction – Start by exploring what is an organization. And, outline key concepts and dimensions of organizational structure.

Form and force – Then, explore the key concepts of force and form within organizations.

Minzberg’s theory – Next, examine Minzberg’s theory on organizational forms.

Models of organizational structure – End the course by exploring six models of organizational structure.

Course objectives

Upon completion of this course in organizational structure, your audience will be able to:

– Understand the key organizational concepts

– Identify the main dimensions of organizational structure

– Appreciate the concepts of force and form within organizations

– Detail six models of organizational structure

What’s included

On completion of your order, you will instantly receive the following:

– 32 page participant manual
– 63 powerpoint slides
– Practical exercises
– Further reading
– Course evaluation form and action plan

Free course materials

We will also send you the following expert guides for use within your training courses:

– How to use icebreakers
– How to use training games
– How to improve listening skills
– How to improve questioning skills
– How to select materials and methods
– How to increase participation
– How to deal with difficult people
– How to evaluate training courses

Frequently asked questions

What is an organzation?

An organization is a collection of interacting and interdependent individuals who work towards common goals and whose relationships are determined according to a certain structure.

What are the five key concepts underpin an organizational structure?

  1. Span of Control
  2. Configuration
  3. Administrative Hierarchy
  4. Organizational Chart
  5. Division of Labor

What four underlying conditions underline most organizational structures?

  1. Structuring of Activity
  2. Concentration of Authority
  3. Supportive Component
  4. Line Control of the Workforce

What are the six models of organizational structure?

  1. Bureaucratic
  2. Vertical
  3. Horizontal
  4. Departmentalization
  5. Network
  6. Virtual

Can I edit the content and add my own company logo?

ntent and add my own company logo? Yes. You can now add your own logo's and customize the course content freely using Microsoft Word and Powerpoint. You can also deliver the course materials where, when and as often as needed.

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