Organizational Behavior




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Are you looking for practical content to allow you to deliver a course in organizational behaviour skills?

These training course materials are suitable to train anyone that works in a management role or relevant leadership position and will assist the participants in improving their leadership skills.

We’ve found that companies want staff to be aware of organizational behavior skills so that they can make better decisions. And, to help them maximize performance in the workplace.

These training course materials will help develop these skills and ensure you deliver a successful organizational behaviour skills training course.

Course outline

The following topics are covered within the slides, manuals and support materials provided for this course in organizational behavior skills.

What is organizational behavior – The course starts by exploring what is organizational behavior. Next, use the materials to discuss the evolution of management perspectives.

Organizational theories – Part 1 – This section explores key organizational theories like scientific management, job simplification and classical organizational theory. Use the course content to explore Fayol’s 14 principles of management and the Hawthorne studies. Then discuss human relations theory and McGregor’s Theory X And Y view on management styles.

Organizational theories – Part 2 – The course ends by looking at the systems and contingency perspectives on organizational behavior. Then, use the content to discuss models of organizational behavior. And, outline the attributes of effective organizations.

What’s included

These training course materials to deliver a course in organizational behavior skills consist of a 38-page customizable participant manual and 61 Powerpoint slides for easy delivery.

Also included are 14 expert training guides.

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Learning objectives

Upon completion of this course in organizational behavior skills, your audience will be able to:

Understand the relationship between behavior and the organization.
Understand the evolution of management thought.
Appreciate models of organizational behavior.
Identify and shape an excellent organization.


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Bernard Cronin
Director of Human Resources

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Sylvia Stoyanova
Human Resource Manager

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