We’ve created marketing training materials that are easy to deliver — while still giving you full control and flexibility over this content.

So if you want to train staff then we have a great solution for you at your fingertips.



<h2>Ready To Get Started?</h2>
<p>In short, we&#8217;ve created these course materials so you can deliver your own courses. And, your participants will learn that marketing is a process. Plus, that it covers the promotion, selling and distribution of a product or service. </p>
<p>In addition, you can you train participants about the 4 P’s (Product, Price, Place and Promotion). And, the tools and techniques necessary to build an effective marketing process.</p>
<p>Plus, you can instruct your participants on the product cycle. And, how price can impact on profits.</p>
<p>To summarize, you&#8217;ll get content to teach others to: </p>
<li>Identify the main obstacles.</li>
<li>Understand the marketing process.</li>
<li>Understand a range of tools and techniques.</li>
<li>Explain the benefits of having an effective marketing process.</li>
<li>What is Marketing?</li>
<li>Core Concepts</li>
<li>The Marketing Environment</li>
<li>The Aims of Marketing</li>
<li>The Boston Consulting Group Matrix</li>
<li>New Products</li>
<li>Products v Solutions</li>
<li>Barriers To Entry</li>
<li>Promoting the Product</li>
<li>Competitive Advantage</li>
<li>Sustaining Competitive Advantage</li>
<h2>What Will You Receive?</h2>
<li><strong>72 Powerpoint Slides</strong>.</li>
<li><strong>34 Page Participant Manual.</strong></li>
<li><strong>14 Expert Training Guides.</strong></li>
<h2>What bonus guides will you get?</h2>
<p>It is our view, that we all can run better courses. Because of this, we’ll give you free guides to help improve your delivery. </p>
<p>First, we offer guides on icebreakers and games. Next, a guide on questioning and listening skills. Plus, a guide on how to select materials. </p>
<p>On top of that, you&#8217;ll receive a guide on evaluating training. Together with how to increase participation. Last but not least, you&#8217;ll get a guide on how to deal with difficult people.</p>
<h2>Are there any free benefits?</h2>
<p>It sounds so obvious, but we share our content. </p>
<p>So, you get the content you need. And, you get to add your own logos. In fact, you can run this content as your own.</p>
<p>Plus, you get unlimited rights. And, you can edit the material. And, use them where, when and as often as required. Check out our <a href=””>terms of use</a>.</p>
<h2>How to contact us?</h2>
<p>Be sure to <a href=””>keep in touch</a> with us. </p>
<p>And, ask about our training materials. Plus, our pricing. Not to mind, any download queries. </p>
<p>Our staff are standing by. And, are always ready to help.</p>
<p>Be sure to read our <a href=””>FAQ</a> page.</p>