The Excellent Organization




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We’re excited to announce that you can now download our course materials to deliver a course on the excellent organization.

What’s included

You will receive a 48-page customizable participant manual, 79 Powerpoint slides and 14 expert training guides.

Course overview

The following topics are covered within the slides, manuals and support materials provided. In particular, your participants will learn about the components of excellence. And, what defines an excellent organization. Use the content to also train your course participants about key excellence awards. These include, the EFQM Business Excellence Model and the Baldridge National Quality Program.

Introduction – The course starts by exploring what defines an excellent organization. Use the course materials to examine why we need excellence. Next, focus on roles and responsibilities. Then, discuss core values and concepts. The section ends by exploring quality versus excellence and obstacles to excellence.

Criteria for excellence – This section explores two key excellence awards. These are the EFQM Business Excellence Model and the Baldridge National Quality Program. The section ends by discussing the benefits of assessing excellence.

Excellence & strategy – Use the content to explore key concepts like vision, metrics and innovation.

Continuous improvement – This section discusses leadership and it’s role in implementing excellence.

Excellence and the customer – The course ends by exploring customer culture and excellence.

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Course objectives

Upon completion of this training course on the excellent organization, your participants will be able to:

– Understand what defines an excellent organization.
– Describe the components of excellence.
– Explain the forms of excellence awards available – Baldridge & EFQM Awards.
– Understand the nature of excellence.

Customer stories

“Time is money — we all know that. And as coaches, our billable time is worth a lot of money, but program development time is not. For a once off cost per training pack, you’ve saved coaches countless hours of program development time. Plus, because of the high-quality of your materials, you make us look good!

What you are offering for coaches is remarkable. Thank you! Thanks, also, for letting us customize the programs with our own logos, taglines, etc. Your spirit of generosity is greatly appreciated.

Well done. You’ve put a lot of work into this and I am thrilled to see the result. All the Best.”

Sylva K. Leduc, MEd (Psychology), MPEC
Master Personal & Executive Coach
SAGE Leaders

“While managing a team of in-house facilitators at a large company, I first discovered Oak in 2004. We purchased several training products from his company and were very pleased with the quality and price. Later, I purchased his entire portfolio of training content and still use them to this day. I must say, I was reluctant at first to do business with someone out of the USA as one is never sure of the integrity of the business. I can say, without reservation, Oak delivers what is promised and has consistently provided excellent customer service. If you’re considering Oak and still a bit iffy about purchasing from oversees. I’ll be glad to share my positive experiences regarding this company.”

Loretta Thirtyacre
Principal Talent Management and Organization Development
Exelon Generation

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