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Download training content that you can use to instantly increase the range of training courses that you can deliver.

Get started with our collection of training material that can be used to deliver your employee skills and leadership development training courses.

Get instant access to slides, manuals, expert guides, and lots more.

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Offer Targeted Training Content Within Your Training Courses

Deliver more of the training courses that your audience requires.

You can now easily download, present, and deliver high-quality training content with ease. Oak Innovation’s training content makes it easy offer practical content.  You’ll also save endless development hours knowing that everything that you need to deliver these training courses is instantly available for you.

Give your audience the reason to attend your courses. With Oak Innovation’s customizable training course material, you can attract more course participants by offering courses around key employee and leadership training titles that your audience are searching for.

Limited Time Offer – Within Minutes You Can Save Endless Months Of Course Development Time

No matter what stage you’re at in developing your training courses, having access to the right training content can:

  • Remove hours, days, weeks and months in development time and save you a whole lot of stress.
  • Organize key content together like Powerpoint slide decks, training manuals, expert guides and a whole lot of other content that you’ll need to deliver your training courses.
  • Just make your life a whole easier and ensure that your audience will love the training courses that you offer.

The trick is knowing how to get the right content and having it available for when you need it.

In a nutshell, we reduce the time needed to develop training content. And, at the same time, we can give you access to 50+ training courses that you can easily deliver.

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We Develop Training Course Material, You Benefit

You have a story to tell, a business course to deliver, and experiences to share. These things are important to us also.

We shrink the process of creating training content so that you can deliver training courses that your audience will both learn from and will be excited to attend.

Explore how we’re partnering with our clients to change the way they deliver training courses. And, learn how our customers are continually meeting the needs of their clients.



“I have been using several Oak courses for quite some time. These materials are a well-structured series relevant to todays HR professional. Information is well organized and easy to understand. Overall a welcome addition to any HR managers toolkit”. – Bernard Cronin, Director of Human Resources.



The Growth Coach of Central New York

“All I can add as a satisfied customer who purchased ALL programs in the past is a job well done”. – Anthony A. Carangelo – CEO


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