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Oak Innovation’s training content can be easily delivered across virtual classrooms, webinars as well as traditional classroom settings. Just add your logo and brand the content as your own.

And, what’s not to love about this training course material:

  • Instantly available so you don’t need to develop everything from scratch
  • Freedom to add your logo for the ultimate opportunity to brand everything as your own
  • Fully customizable so you can offer one-of-a-kind and unique delivery options
  • Total freedom to deliver the course where you want provides you with exceptional flexibility
  • All content is developed by industry experts offers you maximum confidence in the content
  • Everything is ready to deliver which saves you time and effort
  • Affordable so it won’t break the bank to get this training course material
  • No experience required so you’re guaranteed that every course is easy to deliver

And, now with more features than ever.

Freedom to use this content on your virtual training sessions



Grab All Training Courses For Just US$10 Each

We are pleased to offer you all our off-the-shelf training content. Use our content to deliver your own training courses. And, receive free updates for life.

This offer includes all Powerpoint slide decks, tried and tested manuals, expert training guides, further reading lists, action plans, and lots more.

All 50+ sets of training courses are 100% customizable – just add your logo and start delivering the training content as your own.

You want to deliver training courses. We’ve got training material to bring them to life.

Get instant access to the following business training courses:

360 Degree Feedback
Auditing Skills
Benchmarking Skills
Change Leadership Skills
Change Management Skills
Coaching and Mentoring Skills
Conflict Management Skills
Customer Relationship Management Skills
Decision Making Skills
Effective Complaint Handling Skills
Employee Absenteeism
Employee Motivation
Enterprise Dynamics Skills
Facilitation Skills
Effective Meetings
Human Resource Management Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Interviewing Skills
Job Analysis Skills
Job Design Skills
Leadership Skills
Leadership And Delegation Skills
Leadership And Influence Skills
Marketing Skills
Negotiation Skills
Organizational Behavior
Organizational Culture
Organizational Issues
Organizational Structure
Performance Appraisal Skills
Personal Productivity
Presentation Skills
Problem Solving Skills
Project Management Skills
Quality Management Skills
Recruitment And Selection Skills
Sales Skills
Strategic Management Skills
Strategic Measurement
Strategy, Leadership And Culture
Stress Management Skills
Team-Building And Teamwork Working
Technical Report Writing Skills
Telesales Skills
The Customer Driven Organization
The Excellent Organization
The New Manager
The Work Organization
Time Management Skills
Training Needs Analysis Skills
Understanding Group Dynamics

From individuals to major brands, we’ve helped people around the world deliver the training courses everybody loves

We connect amazing content, and clear advice on how to deliver these training courses, with how to brand over 50 training courses as your own.

Effortlessly create an experience that lasts with your audience. Get practical course content that highlights best practices, research, real-life examples, and innovative approaches. All combining to create amazing experiences and insightful moments that your audience will love.

Order now and get over 50 training courses for just US$10 each. Free course updates for life.

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What will you receive with your order?

  • Powerpoint Slides: Fully customizable PowerPoint slides
  • Participant Manuals: Fully customizable participant manual
  • Facilitator Resources: A facilitator manual on selected titles
  • Course Exercises: Free course exercises are available with each course
  • Training Icebreakers: 21 ready-to-use free icebreakers
  • Training Games: 21 free ready-to-use training games
  • Course Tests: A free pre-course and post-course test is available with each course
  • Further Reading: A free list of further reading
  • Course Evaluation: You will receive a free evaluation tool to evaluate the effectiveness of each course
  • Action Plan: A free action plan
  • Expert Guides: Free expert guides. Topics include developing participation, evaluating training, listening skills and so much more

Each set of corporate course material contains around 8 hours of training content

Deliver the training courses you want to offer

Oak Innovation course content saves you time by giving you an all-in-one set of training course material that enables you to deliver your own courses and stay ahead of the competition. Oak Innovation is loved by industry-leading professionals and used by a large group of users around the world.

Tom Heck, President, International Association of Teamwork Facilitators

I've developed an alliance with Oak -- a company that has developed a wide assortment of training "modules" that you can download right now. When you download a module you own it forever and have permission to edit it, customize it (logos, etc.) and deliver the module as many times as you like. You receive a Word document, PDF, PowerPoint and comprehensive participant manual and your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. The modules are designed for trainers, coaches and consultants looking to increase the range of products and services they can offer their clients. Oak content is also ideal for managers and employees looking to extend their knowledge of organizational, management and employee titles.

Rey Carr

Oak continually attends to the needs of various businesses and either creates or adjusts training modules on a variety of topics to be self-contained, practical and easy to use. And they stand behind every product with personal service.

Farhan Majeed Country Consultant GIIM-Pakistan

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my learning experience for Oak Innovation. I really enjoyed the way, methodology and the contents of the course. The course contents are enriched with the practical exercises, examples, problem solving models and key definitions. It also puts flash on further reading, materials and books to be consulted for in-depth exposure of the subjected topic. Hence I strongly recommend this course to the professionals of various sectors of the industries because it will enable and upgrade them from ordinary level of skills to breakthrough level of skills. Professionals can enjoy the cost effective management training solutions in their industry."

Jeffrey L. Buller, Senior Partner at ATLAS Leadership Training

"As someone who’s been involved in training for more than twenty years, I’ve never known a resource that’s as consistently valuable as Oak. I’m always amazed at their willingness to provide purchasers of their complete range of presentations regular updates and new training packages at no additional cost. That makes my purchase become more valuable all the time. And their speed in responding to questions is phenomenal. One of the sessions I often provide is a Training the Trainers workshop. In it, the very first resource I encourage people to purchase is the library of resources from Oak. These packages have made my job infinitely easier, and I recommend them to anyone who’s looking for the highest quality in training materials."

Ellen Bothwick, Canine Events

“I have been buying Oak materials now for 9 years. They are top products and save you hours of work trying to produce something yourself. Incredibly good value too. More importantly, though is the personal service. Whenever I have emailed them they have been extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I have recommended Oak to dozens of people and have been thanked by so many of them for making the recommendation. If you’re a trainer then give Oak a go, you won’t regret it and wonder how you managed without them before.”

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Supercharge Your Business – Special Offer
 3,700  463