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Incredible Limited Time Discount On All Training Courses

Whether you need a single training course or a series of courses, we’ve got you covered. We offer fully customizable training content that will meet all your course delivery needs.

All 50+ sets of training course material are 100% customizable – just add your logos and deliver the course material as your own.

Get free lifetime access to all updates of the following employee and leadership development training courses.

Employee Training Course Material

360 Degree Feedback
Auditing Skills
Benchmarking Skills
Change Management Skills
Coaching and Mentoring Skills
Customer Relationship Management Skills
Decision Making Skills
Effective Complaint Handling Skills
Enterprise Dynamics Skills
Facilitation Skills
Effective Meetings
Organizational Culture
Personal Productivity
Presentation Skills
Problem Solving Skills
Quality Management Skills
Sales Skills
Team-Building And Teamwork Working
Technical Report Writing Skills
Telesales Skills
The Customer Driven Organization
Time Management Skills
Understanding Group Dynamics

Leadership Development Training Course Material

Change Leadership Skills
Conflict Management Skills
Employee Absenteeism
Employee Motivation
Human Resource Management Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Interviewing Skills
Job Analysis Skills
Job Design Skills
Leadership Skills
Leadership And Delegation Skills
Leadership And Influence Skills
Marketing Skills
Negotiation Skills
Organizational Behavior
Organizational Issues
Organizational Structure
Performance Appraisal Skills
Project Management Skills
Recruitment And Selection Skills
Strategic Management Skills
Strategic Measurement
Strategy, Leadership And Culture
Stress Management Skills
The Excellent Organization
The New Manager
Training Needs Analysis Skills
The Work Organization

Save Time And Money – Limited Time Offer

Grab amazing savings when you order all our training course materials.

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What will I receive with my order?

  • Powerpoint Slides: Fully customizable PowerPoint slides
  • Participant Manuals: Fully customizable participant manual
  • Facilitator Resources: A facilitator manual on selected titles
  • Course Exercises: Free course exercises are available with each course
  • Training Icebreakers: 21 ready-to-use free icebreakers
  • Training Games: 21 free ready-to-use training games
  • Course Tests: A free pre-course and post-course test is available with each course
  • Further Reading: A free list of further reading
  • Course Evaluation: You will receive a free evaluation tool to evaluate the effectiveness of each course
  • Action Plan: A free action plan
  • Expert Guides: Free expert guides. Topics include developing participation, evaluating training, listening skills and so much more

Each set of corporate course material contains around 8 hours of training content

Customer stories

“Time is money — we all know that. And as coaches, our billable time is worth a lot of money, but program development time is not. For a once-off cost per training pack, you’ve saved coaches countless hours of program development time. Plus, because of the high-quality of your materials, you make us look good!

What you are offering for coaches is remarkable. Thank you! Thanks also for letting us customize the programs with our logos, taglines, etc. Your spirit of generosity is much appreciated.

Well done. You’ve put a lot of work into this, and I am thrilled to see the result. All the Best.”

Sylva K. Leduc, MEd (Psychology), MPEC
Master Personal & Executive Coach
SAGE Leaders

“While managing a team of in-house facilitators at a large company, I first discovered Oak in 2004. We purchased several training products from his company and were very pleased with the quality and price. Later, I purchased his entire portfolio of training content and still use them to this day. I must say, I was reluctant at first to do business with someone out of the USA as one is never sure of the integrity of the business. I can say, without reservation, Oak delivers excellent customer service. If you’re considering Oak and still a bit iffy about purchasing from oversees. I’ll be glad to share my positive experiences regarding this company.”

Lorretta Thirtyacre
Principal Talent Management and Organization Development
Exelon Generation

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Save Time And Money – Limited Time Offer

Grab amazing savings when you order all our training course materials.

$2,399.95 $599.95Add to cart