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Digital Download: Training Course On Leadership And Delegation Skills

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  • 8 train-the-trainer guides, to add extra value.

From this 1-day training course on leadership and delegation skills, your course participants will learn to understand the relationship between leadership and delegation and appreciate the main approaches to leadership.

At the end of the training session, your course participants will be able to identify three crucial key terms (e.g., accountability, authority, responsibility) and learn how to delegate more.

This leadership and delegation skills training course will meet the challenges faced by line staff, human resource professionals, general managers, and senior executives that occupy a leadership position and who need to delegate tasks.

Let’s get started.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this training course your participants will be able to:

  • Understand the relationship between leadership and delegation.
  • Understand the main approaches to leadership.
  • Identify three crucial key terms (e.g., accountability, authority, responsibility).
  • Delegate more.

What’s Covered?

Below, we break down how you can present the 6 key sections of this training course.

1. What exactly is leadership?
Highlighting leadership is the primary method of instructing your audience on what exactly is leadership.

Your audience is looking for assistance to improve their skills.

This is your chance to help them.

In this part of the course, the content:

  • Discusses how delegation will deliver results.
  • Shares that delegation is a significant factor for leadership success.
  • Digs deeper, than general leadership skills and management-speak, and focuses on exploring what delegation is.

2. The benefits of delegation
When it comes to the benefits of delegation, it helps to understand the intent of your audience.

What do they want to learn about?

Do you know their pain points?

What do they struggle with?

An easy way to think about delegation is to highlight the difference between delegation skills and control.

Align your personal experiences with the content to provide meaningful examples.

3. Leadership theories
Your audience not only wants to learn about leadership and delegation, but they also want practical skills.

It’s not surprising.

Content that is focused on the needs of your audience is crucial.

In fact, participation levels will increase as the content meets their aspirations. For best results, you can use the content to:

  • Outline the qualities and traits approach.
  • Explore whether leaders are born or made.
  • Share relevant leadership theories.
  • Discuss personality traits, functional and group approach.

4. Functions and responsibilities of leadership
When focusing on the functions and responsibilities of leadership, it’s important to understand how people view leadership.

Ask your audience:

What are the goals of a leader?

And, how do they achieve their goals?

Sounds interesting?

Well, it will get your audience thinking differently.

Next, use the content to:

  • Help your audience to let go of some preconceptions.
  • Introduce a collection of best practices.
  • Focus on the concept of action-centered leadership.

During this section, we suggest that you share your own perspectives on leadership.

It will make the content more meaningful to your audience. And, it will help them to develop more practical skills.

5. The relationship between leadership and delegation skills
Now your audience knows more about leadership, let’s explore the relationship between leadership and delegation skills.

Use the content to:

  • Share content on the path-goal theory.
  • Discuss accountability and authority.
  • Explore why some managers don’t delegate.
  • Share why managers should delegate.

6. The delegation process
Learning to delegate isn’t always about saying, “do this” or “do that”.

Establish what is essential. And, then use the content to provide a solution.

Digital Download: What’s Included?

Participant Manual
Every training course contains a fully customizable Participant Manual that you can provide to your audience. This 50-page Participant Manual offers every audience member with insightful and practical content on the training course that you will be presenting on.

PowerPoint Slide Deck
Every set of training course materials from Oak Innovation is created to give you everything required to present this training course to various types of audiences. This course includes 64 customizable PowerPoint slides.

Games And Icebreakers
Oak Innovation provides customizable and practical Training Games and Training Icebreakers that will benefit the delivery of all training courses. You can even decide which Training Games and Training Icebreakers should be included to meet the often unique needs of any target audience.

Advertorial And Expert Guides
A Course Advertorial and Eight Pre-written Expert Training Guides are provided for use with every course so that you are fully equipped to present these training courses.

Bonus Course Material
Oak Innovation provides customizable Exercises and Tests that will target the needs of your audience.  Further Reading Lists and Course Evaluation Forms are also provided to benefit your audience. 

How Oak Innovation Changes Everything

Take control of each delivery of your training courses with practical training content.

Enhance all learning opportunities with pre-written training course materials that can be delivered at a team and at an enterprise level.

At last, customizable training course material that can be delivered easily in any situation.

Pre-written and customizable training course material ready for any learning opportunity.

Why Choose Oak Innovation?

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Key Features

Let’s take a closer look at just what this means for you.

  • Instantly available training course material makes presenting your courses easy. You spend less time creating content and more time doing the things that you love.
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  • No experience required means anyone can present the courses.

Accessing The Course Content

Once you have purchased this training course, you will be sent a confirmation email that contains a link that is needed to access the course content whenever you want.

Once downloaded, you have unlimited access to this course content – across any and all devices you own. And you can, of course, keep everything you download forever.

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