Training Materials To Deliver A Course In Leadership Skills




Are you looking to deliver a course in leadership skills? If so, we’ve got you covered.

These leadership skills training course materials can be used by anyone that wants to deliver their own training courses on leadership. They are easy to use. And, no previous experience is required.

They are suitable to be delivered by business managers that want to train their staff teams. And, also by corporate trainers that want to increase the type of courses that they can deliver.

Who will benefit from attending this course

Overall, they will your participants to better understand leadership within organizations.

We know that getting better results from your leadership development programs takes a lot of hard work. And, it involves a lot more than knowing the latest buzz words or from having flashy presentations.

In fact, leadership development programs need be multiple-layered. Plus, leadership development needs to be a planned experience for your audience.

As a result, you need to be able to create the right experience for your participants. And, this is now what today’s participants also expect. They want to develop the leadership skills so as to compete in today’s business world.

To help you get more from your leadership development programs, we’re excited to be offering these materials that will enable you to easily deliver a course in leadership skills.

How it works

The way leadership courses get developed and delivered changed. The popularity of on-demand content and the need to fit the availability of participants means that we need to be able to offer courses wherever, whenever, and however is required.

While this is great for participants, it can create a challenge for the corporate trainers and business managers that need to deliver a course in leadership skills. But there are also opportunities in all this. That is why we’re excited to be able to provide training materials that you can use to deliver a course in leadership skills.

Download and use these course materials to teach your audience to effectively develop their leadership skills. The content will help participants to both understand leadership and to increase their chances of leadership success.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this course in leadership skills, your participants will be able to:

– Identify the main obstacles to effective leadership.
– Understand formal and lateral leadership.
– Understand leadership skills.
– Improve the quality of leadership.
– Explain the benefits of effective leadership.

Course outline

The course content focuses on:

What is Leadership – The course materials start by exploring of the role of leadership. Use the content to outline the characteristics and behaviors of an effective leader.

Leadership and Management – Use the content to explore the differences between leadership and management.

Leadership Styles – This section looks at different leaderships styles including transactional, transformational and traditional leaders. Next, use the content to explore negotiating and charismatic leadership. End this section sharing insights into the Leadership Style Continuum.

Additional Leadership Styles – This section outlines a range of other leadership styles that exist. In particular, use the course materials to explore McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y.

Forces and Leadership Style – Help your participants to understand competency and commitment. And, also influencing skills and how to manage expectations. Use the materials to discuss the relationship between leadership and conflict. In particular, discuss the value of Lateral Leadership.

When Leadership Goes Wrong – The final section will prepare your participants by sharing insights on situations when leadership can go wrong.

What’s included

Use these training course materials to deliver a course in leadership skills. They consist of a 50-page customizable participant manual. This has been created in Microsoft Word for easy customization. And, it also contains all exercises, tests and further reading required.

The support materials also include 80 Powerpoint slides for easy delivery.

Also available are 14 Expert Training Guides that have been created to assist in the delivery of this course.

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