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Are you looking to deliver a course on motivation skills?

If so, you can now download our course materials.

What’s included

You will instantly receive a 48 page customizable participant manual. This has been created in Microsoft Word for easy customization. And, it also contains all exercises, tests and further reading required. You will also receive 74 Powerpoint slides and 14 expert training guides.

Course outline

These hands-on training course materials help you cut through much of the confusion around how employees can be motivated. The content does this by practically and easily detailing various motivational theories. Practical exercises are in place to also help you teach employees on what motivates us all within organizations. And, they will enable you to deliver a course in motivation skills.

The following topics are covered within the slides, manuals and support materials that are provided to enable you to deliver a course in motivation skills.

What is motivation – The course begins by exploring the benefits of motivation with an organization.

Needs and content theories – Use the materials to explore Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs theory. And, how it relates to organization’s today. Use the content to teach your participants about the Existence-Relatedness-Growth (ERG) theory. Next, use the content to discuss the Two Factor theory. End this section by outlining the concepts of achievement, power and affiliation.

Process theories – This section to explore process theories like Equity Theory, Expectancy and Porter & Lawlor’s Expectancy Model. Use the materials to also review Goal Setting Theory.

Course objectives

Upon completion of these training course on motivation skills, your participants will be able to:

– Explain the role of motivation.
– Describe four needs theories.
– Describe three process theories.
– Understand why individuals behave.

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What our customers say

“The modules are certainly still proving useful. Every day I think of another use for them, they have come at just the right time, really excellent value for money – the complexity and depth in the materials mean we can mix and max powerpoint presentations to suit our audiences levels and requirements.”

Anita Wild
Action Development Group

“Great customer service … isn’t that frequent I’m afraid so I happily acknowledge it when I encounter it.”

Helen Alm
Helen Elizabeth Seminars and Coaching
Newton, Australia

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