Decision Making

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– Customizable 44-page participant manual
– 76 ready-to-deliver powerpoint slides
– Icebreakers, training games & exercises
– Further reading
– Course evaluation and action plan
– Expert training guides
– Permission to add your own logos
– Use where, when and as often as required
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Welcome to the wonderful world of customizable training course materials – where you can instantly deliver your own decision making training courses

Decision making is the process of making a choice from options available. And, in today’s competitive business environments, these skills are in high demand.

Here’s how you can use our course materials and deliver your own decision making training courses.

What you need to know about delivering your own decision making training courses

In a world full of alternatives, it’s no wonder that employees need assistance on how to make more effective decisions in the workplace. And, increasingly companies are seeking best practice training materials to guide them.

Using these course materials, you can help participants to make better decisions within their organization. In particular, to assist them to make better and faster decisions.

Course outline

The following topics are covered within the slides, manuals and support materials provided.

What is decision making – First, encourage participants to understand risk management and empowerment.

Types of decision making – Next, explore individual and group decision making.

The decision making process – Then, focus on the practical process of meta-decisions. And, explore how to set objectives and the rules-of-thumb that we all can use.

Decision making techniques – Part 1 – Start by exploring a range of effective decisions making techniques. Then, examine the PMI technique. And, the use of decision trees and fault trees. Next, share the importance of disconfirming questions. Plus, the use of prospective hindsight and the body frame technique.

Dealing with uncertainty & risk – Explore how to deal with uncertainty. And, how to better manage risk.

Decision making techniques – Part 2 – End the course by examining a series of techniques that will help your course participants to make better decisions. Next, focus on linked decisions, trade-offs and the even-swap method.

Course objectives

On completion of this training course in decision making your participants will be able to:

– Identify the main obstacles to effective decision-making

– Understand the decision-making process

– Understand a range of techniques

– Explain the benefits of a decision-making process

Customer stories

“I could not be more pleased with the products I purchased and the service that accompanied it. I must admit when I saw the price tag I wondered about the depth of the content … and I must tell you I was 1,000% impressed. We’ve purchased 2 modules thus far and plan to buy others soon. The customer service was outstanding and modules were delivered straight away) I’ve been in the training business a long time … and I can honestly say … this is some of the best material I’ve seen and the price is absolutely outstanding.

Thank you for providing such a valuable service to those of us working front-line training and development!”

Loretta Thirtyacre
Manager, Corporate Training and Development,
COUNTRY Insurance and Financial Services, Illinois, US

“Time is money — we all know that. And as coaches, our billable time is worth a lot of money, but program development time is not. For a once off cost per training pack, you’ve saved coaches countless hours of program development time. Plus, because of the high-quality of your materials, you make us look good!

What you are offering for coaches is remarkable. Thank you! Thanks, also, for letting us customize the programs with our own logos, taglines, etc. Your spirit of generosity is greatly appreciated.

Well done. You’ve put a lot of work into this and I am thrilled to see the result. All the Best.”

Sylva K. Leduc, MEd (Psychology), MPEC
Master Personal & Executive Coach
SAGE Leaders

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