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Oak Innovation’s effective complaint handling training content can be easily delivered across virtual classrooms, webinars as well as traditional classroom settings. Just add your logo and brand the content as your own.

Use the practical Powerpoint slide deck, insightful facilitator manual, and customizable participant manual to deliver a training course that will really resonate with your audience.

Get instant access to this amazing training course material on effective complaint handling skills. Immediately save time and jumpstart your training courses.

What you’ll get:

  • 29-page facilitator manual to guide your course delivery
  • 75-page participant manual to encourage learning
  • 85 Powerpoint slides to frame the training course
  • Practical exercises to stimulate learning
  • Reading list for those that want to keep learning
  • Course evaluation form to improve future course delivery
  • Course action plan to achieve future objectives and goals
Freedom to use this content on your virtual training sessions

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How to deliver an amazing training course on effective complaint handling skills

Well, creating a course on effective complaint handling skills it’s definitely easier said than done.

But if you are clear on what you want to achieve, then we’ve got all the training course material that you’ll need.

We’re all about getting you prepared with incredible content that will help you respond with even greater confidence. So, do make sure to also scroll down to explore frequently asked questions that often get asked on complaint handling skills training courses.

To offer you as much value as possible, we’ll provide you with the right content and dig into the fundamentals of managing and handling complaints. We’ll then outline how to deliver this course.

Let’s explore what you will receive.

You want to be the best. The all-in-one download to get you there is here.

Just imagine the possibilities of delivering this course online, sharing the content with your team, or using the content within a coaching initiative, this customizable, practical training material on complaint handling skills is perfect for your training courses.

And, when you’re ready to deliver the content, Oak Innovation’s unique all-in-one course allows you to deliver this course easily and without restrictions.

This training content makes it easy to convert customer needs into incredible training courses. We encourage you to add your logo and even company-specific examples to offer content that is simple and easy to deliver.

What’s not to love about this training course material:

  • Instantly available so you don’t need to develop everything from scratch
  • Freedom to add your logo for the ultimate opportunity to brand everything as your own
  • Fully customizable so you can offer one-of-a-kind and unique delivery options
  • Total freedom to deliver the course where you want provides you with exceptional flexibility
  • All content is developed by industry experts offers you maximum confidence in the content
  • Everything is ready to deliver which saves you time and effort
  • Affordable so it won’t break the bank to get this training course material
  • No experience required so you’re guaranteed that this course is easy to deliver

And, now with more features than ever.

Say goodbye to endless hours of developing content from scratch. And, just imagine how wonderful it will feel like to deliver a successful training course on complaint handling skills (see sample course material below).

Deliver the training courses you want to offer

Oak Innovation course content saves you time by giving you an all-in-one set of training course material that enables you to deliver your own courses and stay ahead of the competition. Oak Innovation is loved by industry-leading professionals and used by a large group of users around the world.

Tracey O’Shea, Leadership Development, Forest Laboratories, Inc.

“Very comprehensive. In addition, the support tools provided were impressive. You present a great deal of focused information on a very pertinent topic. The notes for the facilitator were simple and easy to follow.”

Mick Miles, Managing Director, Elite Training European Ltd

“As you know we have used many of your courses and we found this up to the usual high standard; if anything the layout and extras the problem-solving course is even better. We will be using parts of this on our courses.”

Liz McConnell, Thinking Room

“In your words Wow, Wow, Wow. What a comprehensive training package. So much so that I can’t even conceive of delivering this in one session as there is just so much in it.”

Leon du Plessis, Camellott Communications

“We were pleasantly surprised with the content of the material: it is comprehensive and easy to present. The learner manual was well understood by our small group of evaluators. We also appreciated the focus on the working environment of the learners to enable them to tackle issues at their place of work. The facilitator manual is only a pleasure and is a much understandable guide to keep the facilitator on track and assisting him/her on engaging the learners in all aspects.”

Larina Bichakhchyan, ProCredit Bank

“The feedback from our trainers and participants were very positive. Thanks again for the huge job done!!!!!!!!!” –

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Learning objectives

If you are looking for content to present your own business training courses on effective complaint handling skills, this is the course material for you. And, you don’t have to be an experienced business trainer to get results like a pro.

What you’ll get:

  • 29-page facilitator manual
  • 75-page participant manual
  • 85 powerpoint slides
  • Practical exercises
  • Further reading
  • Course evaluation form
  • Action plan

At the end of this training course your participants will be able to:

– Understand the value of handling complaints within the organization.
– Implement a practical complaint handling approach.
– Manage and measure an effective complaint handling process.
– Support an effective complaint handling process in action.

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Wave goodbye to spending time developing training courses and say hello to awesome content that you can instantly download, customize, and even brand as your own.

You can download this training course material on effective complaint-handling skills immediately after checkout.

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How to answer common questions

What is a complaint?

These will arise for either or both of two main reasons:

  • A product or service is faulty and does not function correctly.
  • A product or service does not meet the expectations of the customer

What are the benefits of handling complaints effectively?

If you want to understand the benefits of handling complaints effectively, you'll ultimately need to be thinking about conflict in a particular way. It's about seeing complaints as they sit within the strategy of the whole business. Clear benefits include:

  • Building of customer ambassadors for the business
  • Opportunity to utilize new learning for improvement of the business processes
  • Increase in loyalty
  • Maintenance of customer base
  • Increase in profitability

What are the main steps involved in effectively handling a customer complaint?

  • Calmly listen to your customer's complaint
  • Display empathy with their situation
  • Apologize that the customer is experiencing this situation
  • Explore, offer and deliver an acceptable solution
  • Follow-up

What are the costs of mismanaging complaints?

Let's start to think about the damage to the business when complaints are treated badly. Some clear trends will emerge:

  • Customers leaving due to dissatisfaction
  • Competitors using the failure against you
  • Loss of revenue/profit
  • Demotivation of personnel involved in the process
  • Loss of an opportunity to learn & improve

What are the main components of an effective complaint handling process within an organization?

If you truly want to deliver an effective complaint handling process within an organization, then the following components will need to include. These are:

  • Contact point
  • Information capture
  • Investigation methodology
  • Documentation
  • Communication
  • Resolution
  • Implementation of leaning/improvements

What are the critical elements for your documentation? for capturing complaints

When it comes to coming up with elements when designing documentation start to explore the following:

  • User Friendly: Is the document user friendly? Is it easy to use and free from any ambiguities?
  • Complete: Can everything be captured?
  • Prompting: Does the document prompt or encourage what is captured?
  • Standardized: Is the document standardized across the organization?
  • Official: Does the document have the organization's logo included? Would it be recognized as being official?
  • Controlled: Are there restrictions/controls on who can adapt the document? Is there are review period/date of issue and policy that controls change to this document?
  • Clear: Does it make sense and fit the purpose? Is it logical from the perspective of the internal and external customers?

How to apply the RADARS criteria to a complaint handling process?

By using the RADARS Criteria to the solution, the chances are that it will be successful:

  • Reliable - The solution must not be subject to a similar problem, which caused the initial complaint and must deliver full functionality to the customer.
  • Acceptable - The customer must be able to accept the solution, plus the organization must be able to take the settlement. There is a requirement to differentiate between acceptance and satisfaction so follow up is required.
  • Deliverable - By over-promising and under-delivering on a solution, the relationship with the customer is severely damaged. Ensure that all aspects of the settlement are achievable within the constraints. Delivery on time is an important consideration.
  • Affordable - The customer must be able to afford the solution - this may be in terms of how long it will take to get a solution for the complaint. The organization must be able to provide the answer, especially if the complaint relates to a widely available product or service.
  • Robust - When the customer uses the solution, then it must be able to withstand the activity. The solution must enhance the functionality of the product or service in the longer term.
  • Suitable - The solution must be suitable. Especially, in terms of the level of response about the scale of the complaint. Suitability will be the overall result of meeting all of the RADAR criteria as discussed.
  • How do you measure a complaint handling process?

    For those interested in robust complaint handling processes, the best approach to introducing key performance indicators is going to include:

    • Customer satisfaction rating
    • Close-out time of complaints
    • Document audit non-conformance levels
    • Understanding of system by personnel
    • Improvements implemented as a result of a corrective action identified in the process

    Can I edit the content and add my company logo?

    Yes. You can now add your own logo and customize the course content freely using Microsoft Word and Powerpoint. You can also deliver the course materials where, when and as often as needed.

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