Materials To Deliver A Course In Competency Development


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These competency development training course materials are aimed at helping your audience to understand and develop competencies.

Oak Innovation’s customizable material offers business managers and corporate trainers the opportunity to deliver and customize training courses in any way they see fit.

Oak Innovation has done the work so that you don’t have to. And, you’ll get everything you’ll need in minutes.

Whether you’re focused on offering group courses, individual personal development programs or simply one-to-one type sessions you can now instantly download everything that you’ll need.

It is important to note that the identification of competencies for a particular role facilitates the following Human Resource activities – Selection of Staff, Training & Development, Performance Management and Succession Planning.

As a result, competency can impact on business needs in the following ways:

– Clarifying job and work expectations.

– Hiring the best possible people.

– Maximizing productivity.

– Adapting to change.

– Aligning behavior with strategy.

What’s Included

These Competency Development training materials include:

92 Page Facilitator Manual.

77 Powerpoint Slides.

64 Page Participant Manual.

Print-Ready Course Advertorial.

14 Free Expert Training Guides.

Printable Course Overview.

Course Exercises.

21 Training Icebreakers.

21 Training Games.

2 Course Tests.

Further Reading.

Course Evaluation.

Action Plan.

In total, you’ll get around 8 hours of training course materials on competencies to deliver your own courses.

Course Overview

The following topics are covered within the slides, manuals and support materials. These are available when you order these training course materials on competencies.

Why Do We Need Competencies? – Provide participants with a definition of competencies and the components required. Share how leadership has become a crucial factor in the development of these skills and explore with your audience
the role of interdependencies, the benefits of competencies and of course the business critical area of succession planning.

Competency Mapping – Highlighting the performance factors and learning organizations.

Stages of Learning – Use this content to change perceptions about competency development and highlight the key factors involved in learning new competencies. Discuss learning models such as VAK.

Types Of Learning – Build an understanding of what participants need to learn about different types of learning and the barriers that can exist to Competency Development and cover what’s known about the laws of learning.

Ultimately, these training course materials will help your audience to focus on what is required to develop competencies with clear actions to success.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of these training course materials on benchmarking, your participants will be able to:

– Understand competency as a business driver.
– Identify key components.
– Understand various learning styles.
– Identify and remove obstacles to development.
– Develop a competency-based approach.
– Improve developmental activity.


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