Competency Development


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Use the content of this course to guide your participants on the key components of competency development and the various learning styles involved.

What’s included

You will receive a 64-page participant manual. You also will get 77 Powerpoint slides and a 92-page facilitator manual. On top of that we will give 14 expert training guides.

Course overview

The following topics are covered within the slides, manuals and support materials provided.

Why Do We Need Competencies – The course starts by exploring a definition of competencies. Use the content to discuss the components required. Share how leadership has become a crucial factor in the development of these skills. And, explore the role of interdependencies. This section ends by exploring the benefits of competencies. And, the business-critical area of succession planning.

Competency Mapping – Use this section to discuss performance factors and the concept of the learning organization.

Stages of Learning – Explore how to change perceptions about competency development. And then highlight the key factors involved in learning new competencies. The section ends by discussing learning models (e.g., VAK).

Types Of Learning – Use the content to explore different types of learning. Then, examine the barriers that can exist to competency development skills. And, finally examine the “laws of learning”.

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Course objectives

Upon completion of this course in competency development skills, your participants will be able to:

– Understand how competencies can be a business driver.
– Identify key components of competency development.
– Understand various learning styles.
– Identify and remove obstacles to competency development.
– Develop a competency-based approach.

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David Hipkiss

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Anita Wild
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