Materials To Deliver A Course In Change Leadership Skills


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Oak Innovation training materials can be download and used to deliver a course in change leadership skills.

Course participants will learn about key change leadership skills that are needed to lead and participate with change projects. They’ll also learn how to manage a change project from start to completion. This also includes phases like visioning and obtaining participation. Plus, through phases liks steering and delivering a change project.

How it works

Engage your audience with an 83 page scripted facilitator manual and powerpoint slides. We also provide a 63 page participant manual that also contains all exercises, tests and further reading required.

Also included are 14 Expert Training Guides that will help you deliver this course to others.

These corporate training course in change leadership skills contain everything you need to deliver a one-day workshop. And, they are specifically designed to build leadership skills across teams. These materials can also be easily integrated within all types of leadership development programs that may be planned.

Learning objectives

Upon completion course in change leadership skills, your course participants will be able to:

Understand change within the organization.

Appreciate the key steps in effecting change.

– Obtaining Participation.

– Lead A Change Project.

– Create a vision.

– Formalize the need for change.

– Identify issues and potential consequences.

– Choose the appropriate vision.

– Formalize the vision.

– Get the necessary participation.

– Lead the change process.

– Work with teams.

– Balance power.

Course overview

The following topics are covered within these corporate training materials in change leadership skills.

20th Versus 21st Century Organizations – Use the course materials to explore what is change. And, use the content to explore how to diagnose the need for change. Next, establish the importance of re-balancing the equilibrium while sharing the need to explore both driving and restraining forces. Teach course participants about the critical tactics of unfreezing, transition and re-freezing.

The New Change Leader – This section focuses on the need for change and how to identify issues and potential consequences. Use the materials to help course participants to appreciate how to develop solutions. And, how to choose an appropriate vision.

Sharing The Vision – This section explores the components of obtaining participation, education, commitment and involvement. Use the content to stress the importance of facilitation and support. Then examine aspects like negotiation, agreement, manipulation and co-option. And, finally outline the factors of implicit and explicit coercion.

Trust – This final section is an overview and insights into building trust, balancing power and both steering and delivering change projects.


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