Advanced Project Management


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Training Content Guidance Every Step Of The Way

A critical part of becoming an effective project manager is learning how run projects effectively. We must understand project management principles before we can run projects. Often, projects are limited when they don’t receive adequate development or don’t practice their skills. This can ruin what natural skills they might already possess.

Our advanced course material covers all aspects of project management, from initiation to planning, execution, monitoring, and closing of projects. Participants will gain valuable insights into risk assessment, stakeholder management, resource allocation, leadership skills, and real-world application.

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Learning Outcomes

This Oak Innovation advanced project management learning material aims to help learners to:

  • Identify the main obstacles.
  • Understand the project management process.
  • Understand a range of project management tools and techniques.
  • Build an effective project management process.
  • Explain the benefits of managing projects.


Topics Covered

1. How to define a project

  • What is a project.
  • Key characteristics of all successful projects.

2. Explore key project roles and responsibilities

  • Project team.
  • Project steering committee.
  • Sponsor.
  • Leader/manager.
  • Finance administrator.
  • Communication administrator.
  • Documentation administrator.
  • Schedule administrator.
  • Support systems administrator.
  • Quality administrator.

3. Discuss the main phases of a project

  • The key phases of initiation with your audience.
  • Planning tasks and generating expert advice.
  • Tasks (the network diagram).
  • Critical aspects like Critical Paths and resources.
  • Focus on milestones.

4. The project schedule

  • Project budget, budget sections, and budget variance.

5. Project planning and contingency

  • How to manage expectations.
  • How to check the plan.
  • Execution and documentation.

6. Discuss how to monitor and control projects

  • Monitoring and control.

7. Why do some projects fail

  • Why some projects are not successful.