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Get The Training Content You Need

Select. Download. Train. It's that easy.

If you’ve been following Oak Innovation, you'll know that we provide training courseware. To be exact, you get training content that you can download and use to train others.

We’ve been providing courseware online since 2001.

And we’ve been developing courses since 1995. Long before the pretenders that you've also seen come and go.

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Giving You What You Want

You get so much more with Oak Innovation.

First, from auditing to presentation skills to training needs analysis - Oak Innovation has got you covered.

Second, it’s all about getting the courseware to you as quickly as possible. Everything can be instantly downloaded.

Finally, it’s all about adding value.

In the past, it was a challenge to access and use training courseware. You could only get courseware that couldn't be edited. It generally was very expensive. And, you would end up tied to a contract full of restrictions.

But Oak Innovation changed the marketplace. We also removed the restrictions that other courseware companies still desparately hold on to.

Oak Innovation allows you to:

  • use our courseware where, when and as often as needed
  • add your own logos
  • edit the content to meet your exact or even multiple needs
  • deliver as your own

Oak Innovation offers you everything you'll need to train others.

Slides. Manuals. Exercises. Expert guides. And so much more.

Start offering new training courses. Or add training content to your maximize your existing courses.

And download everything instantly.

You can even add your logos and deliver the courses as your own.

Get your free sample courses. And discover who else uses Oak Innovation.

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