Employee Absenteeism


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Do you need training materials to deliver a course on employee absenteeism? If so, we have a great solution for you.

What’s included

You will instantly receive a 42 page customisable participant manual, 49 powerpoint slides and 14 expert training guides.

Course overview

You can use these employee absenteeism training course materials to help your participants build a better understanding of absenteeism and to help them explore how to measure absence and turnover.

Your course participants will learn how to reduce the considerable cost of employee absenteeism. In addition, they will learn how to measure absence and turnover. And, how to reduce the costs associated with absenteeism.

The following topics are covered within the slides, manuals and support materials provided.

Understanding absenteeism – Start the course by focusing on what is absenteeism. Then, use the content to explore the costs involved. And, then discuss the different types and causes of employee absenteeism.

Do you have a problem – The materials explore how to identify whether a problem exists.

Measurement – This section explores how to measure absences and turnover.

Managing absenteeism – Use this material to explore the purpose of managing absenteeism. In particular, this section focuses on employee handbooks, attendance policies, training and coaching. Use the materials provided to examine the role of corrective action.

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Course objectives

Upon completion of these training materials on employee absenteeism, your participants will be able to:

– Understand the types of absenteeism.
– Understand the costs of not tackling absenteeism.
– Identify whether an absenteeism problem exists.
– Describe how to measure absence and turnover.
– Put in place an effective Attendance Management Program.

What our customers say

“I have been using a number of Oak materials for quite some time. I found the content great with comprehensive details.

This is a well structured series relevant to today’s HR professional. Information is well organized and easy to understand. Having the information available online speeds up cycle time and increases flexibility. Overall a welcome addition to any HR managers toolkit.”

Bernard Cronin
Director of Human Resources

“As a trainer I appreciate the trainer background materials so I can study up on the details and background of a course.”

Andrea Chisholm,
Critical Success Consulting

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