The Loop De Loop Activity For Team Workshops

The loop de loop activity is a common team-building exercise used in workshops to promote communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and leadership skills. The purpose of the loop de loop is to have team members work together to untangle a human knot or loop that they have created with their bodies.

Instructions to Complete the Activity

To begin, have the team stand in a tight circle facing each other. Have each person reach across with their right hand and grab the hand of someone standing across the circle. Then have each person reach in with their left hand and grab another person’s left hand. This will create a tangled loop or knot.

The goal is for the team to communicate and work together to strategize how to untangle the loop without letting go of hands. They will need to step over and under arms and maneuver their bodies to “unloop” the knot. The activity is complete when the loop has been untangled into a circle.

Cost and Resources

This activity requires no materials, just participation from the team. The cost is free.

Time Required

10-15 minutes is needed – 5 minutes to create the loop and 10 minutes to work on untangling it.

Number of Participants

8-20 people work best, allowing for a challenging knot. Less than 8 makes it too easy.

Best Suited For

The loop de loop works for any team as an energizing, interactive activity to build communication skills. It’s good for new teams or teams with conflict.

Facilitator’s Role

The facilitator instructs the group to make the loop, sets the time limit, ensures safety as the group untangles, and debriefs when done. The facilitator should not get involved in untangling the knot.

Participants’ Role

Participants should follow the facilitator’s instructions to make the loop, communicate to strategize how to untangle it, and maneuver their bodies carefully to untangle the knot within the time limit.

Reflection Strategies

After completing the activity, the facilitator can lead a discussion with reflection questions like:

  • What strategies did you use to untangle the knot? What worked?
  • How did you communicate or work with others in the group?
  • What insights does this provide about teamwork?


The loop de loop activity is an interactive, engaging team-building exercise to promote communication, collaboration, problem-solving and leadership skills. With proper facilitation and debriefing, it provides an impactful learning experience for teams. The simple activity brings teams together in a fun and challenging way.